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Patients Against I-502

​Washington state’s marijuana legalization Initiative 502 has plenty of prominent backers and a healthy war chest of money heading towards the November election. So why do many of the state’s most prominent cannabis advocates oppose it?
One of the most troublesome reasons, according to Patients Against I-502, is its faulty DUI provision which would create a per se DUI charge for anyone testing over the low, arbitrary and scientifically unsupported blood THC level of of five nanograms per milliliter (5 ng/ml).

Graphic: OC Weekly

​Workplace urinalysis programs don’t work for identifying employees who are under the influence of drugs, and do not significantly reduce job accident rates, according to a new study published in the scientific journal Addiction.

Scientists at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada reviewed 20 years of literature relating to the effectiveness of workplace drug testing, with a special emphasis on marijuana, which is the most commonly detected drug.