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Amendment 64 legalized the possession and use of limited amounts of pot for adults 21 and over, but it didn’t legalize public consumption of cannabis on streets, sidewalks, parks or any other public place, for that matter. But apparently that message didn’t quite reach Denver and Boulder residents, as public pot consumption tickets have skyrocketed in both cities since Amendment 64 passed.
In Denver, there were a total of eight tickets written for marijuana consumption in 2012, according to records from the Denver Police Department. So far in 2013, 155 tickets have been written, more than nineteen times the number the previous year. Westword has the full story.

Thomas Mitchell | Toke of the Town

Buddies Wellness LLC is having a tough week. The medical marijuana cultivator, which sells its products through the La Bodega dispensary, voluntarily recalled its concentrates on July 25 because of a possible pesticide contamination. But the problem didn’t end there: Two days later, the City of Denver announced that Buddies Wellness was the first Denver marijuana grower recalling marijuana for mold and mites.

den_canna_20150830_greenmancannabis_santafe_slentz_11Scott Lentz

On Thursday, January 19, GMC LLC, or Green Man Cannabis, issued a voluntary recall of its bud and other marijuana products, “due to the presence of potentially unsafe pesticide residues.

There have been no reports of illnesses, and only products at two Green Man Cannabis stores were affected: at 1355 Santa Fe Drive and 7289 East Hampden Avenue, both in Denver.

Check your purchases for the label listing any of these OPC License numbers: 403-00738, 403-00361 or 403R-00201, which are subject to the recall and should be disposed of or returned to the store at which they were purchased.


pot-container-dank-deputDank Depot

The two main issues behind a cannabis-legalization law set to make the ballot this November are 1. individual freedom, and 2. an end to felony prohibition for possession of marijuana for personal use.

But if voters approve it, the Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act would do more than just make Arizona’s cannabis law sane. True to its name, the proposed law attempts to do a lot of regulating. And it sets up a system of retail shops to be run by existing medical-marijuana dispensary owners.

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The seeds of change are sprouting in Kansas

The way that the laws are currently written, you really do not want to get busted with weed in Wichita, Kansas…or any part of Kansas for that matter.
A first-time offense for simple pot possession in Kansas will earn you a misdemeanor charge on your record, up to a $2,500 fine, and even a year in jail. Get popped a second time and you could be looking at a felony.
But if the pro-cannabis advocacy group Kansas for Change has their way, that may be about to change for the better.

Indiana State Sen. Karen Tallian.

Emboldened by recent federal developments that seemingly gives states more authority to regulate medical cannabis, an Indiana state Senator says she’s ready to (once again) push a medical marijuana bill through the state legislature.
State Sen. Karen Tallian has unsuccessfully ran marijuana-related bills for years (including decriminalization measures) that didn’t even get the respect of a hearing in a committee. But Tallian says that the time is right to have a real discussion about legalizing marijuana for medical uses in her state and urged Republicans on the other side of the aisle to get their heads out of the sand.

CBD oil.

Technically, CBD-only pills extracted from legal hemp grown in Europe isn’t cannabis. At least, that the argument from Boston’s Bill Downing, who operates the CBD Please store that sells CBD-only oils despite an order from the state Health Department to shut down his operations.
But Downing, who isn’t a medical cannabis patient, says he doesn’t care what the heald department says, he’ll keep selling his CBD.

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