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Richard Daleman, 63, has gone up against Tulare County twice and come out on top both times. Back in 2009, he got a court order forcing sheriff’s deputies to return more than 12 pounds of marijuana to him. Now he got a restraining order preventing the county from seizing more than 4,000 marijuana plants on his property.

​A Tulare County, California medical marijuana collective won a big, but possibly temporary victory in court Wednesday.

A judge granted Richard Daleman, 63, a temporary restraining order against the county. It prevents county officials from seizing 4,000 medicinal cannabis plants on his property, reports KFSN.
Under California law, Daleman is allowed to have the plants on his five-acre property, but a Tulare County ordinance prohibits it. About 40 medical marijuana cardholders rent space on Daleman’s farm to grow their own medicine.

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Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer: “We do not believe it sends a good message to our youth to accept monies… from an organization that is using marijuana and distributing marijuana”

​A $5,000 donation to the Fresno Police Activities League — which would have helped troubled kids — has been returned. The cops say they don’t want the money because it’s from a medical marijuana dispensary.

The donation was presented to the police department Wednesday morning by the owners of Buds 4 Life, but by Thursday the check was sent back, according to the collective, reports KFSN-TV in Fresno.
While the donation “was made with good intentions,” said Police Chief Jerry Dyer, neither he nor the city “supports medical marijuana,” claiming it would “send the wrong message” to the city’s youth. 
If the message is “The Fresno Police Department is a bunch of dumb-asses,” you may consider it already sent, loud and clear, Chief Dyer.

Rick Morse says he will fight for what he believes is right until officers take him away in handcuffs

​An arrest warrant has been issued for the owner of a Fresno, California medical marijuana dispensary.

Rick Morse, who owns the Medmar Clinic in Fresno’s Tower District, is accused of illegally running the dispensary, reports Alicia Coates of
Morse’s contempt of court arraignment was Wednesday but he didn’t show, resulting in the court issuing a felony warrant for his arrest.
Surprisingly, local TV station CBS47 found Morse at his Medmar clinic Wednesday night, and he didn’t seem overly worried about the warrant.
“I would rather go by my constitution than what some void order says,” Morse told CBS47.