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The president of the Louisiana State Fair got a ticket and a ride from local police

Every fall in Shreveport, folks travel from far and wide to attend the annual Louisiana State Fair. Besides the carnival games, rickety rides, and overripe port-a-potties, fair-goers to this southern affair can drop their hard-earned dollars on such heart-stopping treats as bacon-covered caramel apples and deep fried watermelons. Not only is this carb-filled-cardiac-arrest-inducing fair food totally legal, it is one of the main attractions.
Chris Giordano runs the Louisiana State Fair, and he says, “Every year we bring new foods and try to mix things up with the attractions and rides to keep the fair fresh for everybody and I think it’s something that some people look forward to all year long.”
Giordano, 43, was arrested this past Saturday and was promptly taken to jail when local cops busted him with pot in his car after pulling him over to ticket him for rolling through a stop sign.