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Sascha Kohlmann.

Here’s a head-scratcher: Vahak Mardoun Mardikian got demoted in 2012 by the Glendale Police Department for harassing and belittling other cops, but later the city’s Civil Service Commission sided with Mardikian. He was ultimately give a huge settlement, basically by claiming that the department, half of which is made up of Armenian, black and Latino cops, is anti-Armenian.
But on Aug. 8, Markidian got tossed in Clark County jail for allegedly giving Las Vegas vice detective Justine Gatus $275 for anal sex — and, well, to fill her gas tank. That’s what Nevada court records show, obtained by the scrappy Glendale News Press. But now he’s going to start collecting $10,000 a month off taxpayers– and he gets to retire at age 50 on the taxpayer dime. Is this OK?


So, the new Pope isn’t down with pot. What a shocker.
After riding an almost unprecedented wave of mainstream popularity, Pope Francis somehow surprised a whole lot of stoners last week by officially condemning cannabis use, as well as the rising tide of legalization, in a speech given to the International Drug Enforcement Conference.

Justin Sullivan
California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom: “These laws just don’t make sense anymore”

Newsom Adds Voice to Growing List of Prominent U.S. and World Leaders Calling for Alternatives to Failed Drug War
California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom is the latest elected official to call for marijuana legalization. In a Friday front page New York Times story, Newsom said he believes marijuana prohibition is counterproductive and voiced his support for making marijuana legal.
“These laws just don’t make sense anymore,” said Lt. Gov. Newsom, widely considered a leading contender for California’s governor in 2016. “It’s time for policitians to come out of the closet on this.”
Newsom first came to international prominence when, in 2004, as the newly-elected mayor of San Francisco, he issued a directive to the city-county clerk to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

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President Obama: “It does not make sense from a prioritizing point of view” to go after marijuana in states where it’s now legal

President Barack Obama pledged on Friday that he will not go after Washington state and Colorado for legalizing marijuana.

Obama was asked — in a Barbara Walters interview airing Friday on ABC — whether he supports making marijuana legal, reported The Associated Press. “I wouldn’t go that far,” the President said.
But Obama said he wouldn’t press the issue by going after recreational users in states where voters legalized marijuana in the November elections. “We’ve got bigger fish to fry,” he said.
“It does not make sense from a prioritization point of view,” the President said, to focus on pot use on states where it is now legal.

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Adult Possession of Marijuana Becomes Legal In Washington State
Blaze a doob or spark a bowl at midnight, Washingtonians! Just don’t drive afterwards. Maybe for a couple days…?
Starting Thursday, December 6, people 21 and over will be able to legally possess up to one ounce of marijuana in the state of Washington. On Election Day last month, 55 percent of voters in both Washington State and Colorado voted to make marijuana legal, making those states the first two to approve legally regulating marijuana like alcohol.
The Washington State Liquor Control Board has until December 2013 to implement rules for the regulated market.

Photo: Andreas Fuhrmann/Redding Record Searchlight
Dunsmuir, California Mayor Peter Arth, himself a medical marijuana patient, stands on his land in the center of town where he is proposing to grow a medical marijuana garden in greenhouses

​Peter Arth, mayor of Dunsmuir, California, doesn’t mind being called “Mayor Juana” for his highly visible advocacy of medical marijuana in the tiny Northern California town.
The mayor is aware he has become a lightning rod for a pot culture war in Siskiyou County that is being waged not in the forests or streets, but in the minds of local residents, reports Damian Mann of the Southern Oregon Mail Tribune.
Dunsmuir and Mount Shasta are the only two cities in the mostly rural county where medical marijuana dispensaries are allowed to operate. Elsewhere in the county, government leaders have banned pot shops in their communities.

Photo: Andreas Fuhrmann/The Redding Record Searchlight
Dr. Cristal Speller, left, in the consultation with Tawnya McKee which resulted in a lawsuit

​A Redding, California woman has sued a medical marijuana doctor, alleging the physician allowed a newspaper reporter to secretly interview and videotape her during a consultation in which she sought authorization to use cannabis.

The allegations are denied by both the newspaper, which wasn’t sued, and the doctor’s attorney, reports Ryan Sabalow at The Redding Record Searchlight.
Tawnya McKee alleges in a lawsuit filed late last month that on September 11, 2009, she went in Dr. Cristal Speller’s Natural Care for Wellness clinic in Redding.

Photo: Andreas Fuhrmann/The Record Searchlight
Patient Donna Will tends to her garden at her Tehama County, California home. Both Will and her partner, Jerrey Doran, are medical marijuana patients and also grow for other patients.

​Tehama County Supervisors on Tuesday will consider starting a $40 registration fee for medical marijuana gardens.

The fee wouldn’t be set at the Tuesday vote, but the vote could establish a May 4 public hearing where the board would consider the fee, reports Geoff Johnson at the Red Bluff Daily News.

Supervisors on April 6 already approved a medical marijuana cultivation policy prohibiting growth within 1,000 feet of schools, churches or bus stops, linking the number of plants allowed to parcel size, and requiring medical marijuana growers to register their gardens with the Tehama County Health Services Agency.

Photo: Andreas Fuhrmann/Record Searchlight
Veteran Sean Merritt has spoken out against gun store owners who won’t sell firearms to medical marijuana patients.

​Morphine? Klonopin? No problem. But if you use medical marijuana, no gun for you!

Redding, California gun dealer Patrick Jones — who happens to also be mayor of the town — refuses to do business with known medical marijuana patients.

That refusal has drawn lots of criticism from patients such as Army Spc. Sean Merritt, an honorably discharged and disabled veteran. The patients, who have twice gone to Redding City Council chambers to denounce Jones, say he is violating patients’ rights, reports Scott Mobley at the Redding Record Searchlight.
“There is nothing in state law that says I cannot own or possess a firearm,” Merritt said at a recent city council meeting. And to be told as such is branding me as a severe mental patient or a felon. I am neither.”

Photo: Courtesy Andreas Fuhrmann/Record Searchlight
From left, Jason Ramey, 30, Travis Stock, 31, and Garrett Houchins, 30, picked up their medical marijuana from the Red Bluff Police Department on Wednesday.

​Three California men Wednesday picked up their medical marijuana from the Red Bluff Police Department, where it had been since being seized in an October raid.

Garret Houchins and Jason Ramey, both 30, and Travis Stock, 31, along with another man, Corey Perkiss, were growing 11 plants at Stock’s home, reports The Redding Record Searchlight.
They were arrested on suspicion of possessing marijuana for sale, processing marijuana and conspiracy.