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A new study out by the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness finds that marijuana legalization and taxation in Oregon, Washington or Colorado would significantly weaken Mexican drug cartels. The study, which has been covered in leading national and international news outlets including Forbes and The New York Times, affirms similar recent findings by the leading think tank, the RAND Corporation.
At a press conference Friday morning in downtown Portland, former and current police and probation officers, corrections guards, and defense attorneys will address the findings of the report and discuss how Measure 80 will improve Oregon’s public safety.


“Denying veterans access to therapeutic cannabis is making criminals of our heroes.”
National advocates, elected officials and representatives of Oregon’s 300,000 military veterans on Monday joined together in Ashland and Portland to call attention to Oregon’s appalling policy of denying medical cannabis to sufferers of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and to urge Oregonians to vote yes on Measure 80, which would allow adults 21 and older to purchase taxed and regulated cannabis (marijuana) at state-licensed stores.

Vets Helping Vets

Every day in America, 18 military veterans commit suicide. The United States has lost more military service-members and veterans to suicide than to combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Oregon is home to an estimated 300,000 veterans, including more than 20,000 from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, according to the Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs. A 2008 Rand Corporation study found nearly 20 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan vets reported PTSD symptoms.
Currently, the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program does not recognize or allow for access to cannabis to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Therefore, Oregon military veterans who suffer from PTSD cannot access medical marijuana.


As voters begin receiving their voter pamphlets and as voter registration closes, the Yes on 80 campaign is bringing the soon-to-be-released social documentary, Legalize It, and its filmmaker, Dan Katzir, to Oregon for a series of screenings and private events.

Legalize It is an inspiring journey demonstrating that even those without wealth and political connection can bend the arc toward greater social justice.  
The public screenings give Oregonians a special opportunity to preview the documentary, which follows the Proposition 19 campaign in California that, in 2010, transformed a fringe social issue into a mainstream political topic and set the stage for marijuana-policy reform efforts in 2012 in Oregon, Colorado and Washington. 

Willamette Week

Clear Channel agrees to remove misleading ads, cites transparency issues
Following a grassroots, online protest by volunteers with Women for Measure 80, advertising company Clear Channel Outdoor has agreed to take down a series of shameful, misleading and fear-mongering anti-marijuana billboards around Portland.
At a press conference this morning, Women for Measure 80 coordinator Amanda Rain joined Oregonians for Law Reform and other sensible marijuana-policy advocates to condemn the advertisements, denounce the backers’ scare tactics and call for smart marijuana policies that would effectively protect Oregon’s communities and young people.


Just days ahead of the Oregon Republican Party’s State Central Committee Meeting in Bend, Republican State Senate candidate Cliff Hutchison has officially endorsed Measure 80. Hutchison, the first Oregon Republican to endorse Measure 80, is also secretary of the new Republican Liberty Caucus of Oregon.
“Alcoholism is a real problem in our society, but prohibition of alcohol didn’t work when it was tried,” Hutchison said. “Seventy-five years is long enough to see that prohibition of marijuana has failed.”

Women For Measure 80

Women for Measure 80, a group that is working to restore industrial hemp and end cannabis prohibition in Oregon, is hosting a fundraiser Saturday, September 29, at Plew’s Brews in the St. John’s neighborhood of Portland.
Sponsored by Ethereal Madness Entertainment, the event promises to be a full day of live music, good conversations, good brews and cannabis & hemp education. Music will be provided by Cascadia Rising, The Roaming, Xperience of Psykosis, Sam Gustafson, Cupcake, Gringo Stars, Justin James Bridges, WeSickBoss, Miriams Well and more.
A silent auction with some great prizes and a masseuse provide even more ways to support Measure 80 at this event. A medication area will be provided for OMMP registrants.
“We are excited that this event is receiving so much local support,” said Anna Diaz, founder of Women for Measure 80. “It’s time for our state to provide a more sensible approach to marijuana laws that will create jobs and protect our children.” 

Measure 80 – The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act

Adding to the chorus of political and community leaders around Oregon and the nation that is calling for an end to America’s catastrophic War On Drugs, Portland City Commissioner Randy Leonard has officially endorsed Measure 80, the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act.

Portland Community College
Portland City Commissioner Randy Leonard: “Regulating and taxing marijuana for adults is just common sense”

“As a career Portland firefighter, a State Legislator and a Portland City Council member, I have always fought for funding for our first responders and resources for our social safety net,” Leonard said. “Regulating and taxing marijuana for adults is just common sense, because it allows us to get pot out of kids’ hands, focus our public-safety resources on dangerous drugs, creates jobs and provide a new revenue stream to fund much-needed social services.”
According to Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron, Oregon has spent more than $60 million a year on marijuana-related offenses, from local police enforcement costs to court-room costs to the millions spent on incarceration.
Measure 80 would replace a failed system of prohibition with an effective taxation-and-regulation model. While adults 21 and older would be able to purchase cannabis products only at state-licensed stores, Measure 80 introduces tough new criminal penalties, such as felony charges for selling cannabis to a minor, and criminal misdemeanor charges for providing cannabis to a minor.

Yes On 80

Seizing on recent endorsements including former Secretary of State Bill Bradbury and State Ways and Means Co-Chair Rep. Peter Buckley, Oregon’s Yes on 80 marijuana legalization campaign is launching its first ‘8 for 80 ‘money bomb’ online fundraiser with the goal of raising $8,000 in a 36-hour online and phone fundraising blitz.
The “money bomb” online fundraiser will start at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, Sep. 26, and run for 36 hours, until 8 p.m. on Thursday, Sep. 27.
To participate in the money bomb, supporters must go to and click on the orange “Donate” button.
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Dennis Peron, the celebrated cannabis activist and backer of 1996’s Proposition 215, which legalized MED in California, opposes the state’s coming REC vote. “In 1996, it was like a dark room had been left for so long without any light. I let a little light in. A light of compassion, hope and empowerment. We empowered the patients and the voters and the people that don’t believe marijuana is a crime,” Peron said. “But Prop. 64 will destroy that power that we’ve had for the last 20 years.”

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