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​A Battle Creek, Michigan man who was fired a year ago for legally using medical marijuana is fighting Wal-Mart’s attempt to move his lawsuit to federal court.

A federal judge on Friday will hear arguments in the lawsuit of Joseph Casias, reports the Battle Creek Enquirer. Casias, a 30-year-old cancer patient and former Employee of the Year, was fired by Wal-Mart after a routine drug screen found he had used cannabis.
Casias was legally registered in Michigan to use marijuana to treat pain.
Casias, 30, did not use marijuana at work or work under the influence, his attorneys said.
Casias’s attorneys will ask the court to deny a motion filed by Wal-Mart seeking dismissal of the case and reject the mega-corporation’s attempt to have the case tried in federal court instead of state court.

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​Joseph Casias said on Tuesday that it was unfair of WalMart to fire him for legally using marijuana to treat his cancer pain.

With the backing of state and national branches of the American Civil Liberties Union and his attorney, Daniel Grow, Casias said he filed a lawsuit Tuesday morning in Calhoun County Circuit Court against WalMart Stores Inc for wrongful termination last November, reports the Battle Creek Enquirer.
​​The 30-year-old Battle Creek, Mich, cancer patient had undergone a routine drug screening after hurting his knee on the job last year. The test showed that Casias had marijuana in his system and he was fired, even though he is registered as a legal medical marijuana patient in Michigan.