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SONshine Organics/Washington Farmer’s Market’s Sarena Haskins with Toke of the Town editor Steve Elliott at the Farmer’s Market’s Hoodsport edition

We at Toke of the Town certainly couldn’t think of anyplace more appropriate to visit than the Mile High City — and Denver, here we come, for the Medicated Chef Contest in February. It’s for sure that authoring a Seattle Weekly “Voracious” food blog column, “Incredible Medibles,” has certainly nourished our keen interest in and enjoyment of cannabis-infused cooking.

Now, No Excuses Entertainment, LLC, parent company of iBAKE TV, along with M2j Media Group and a host of sponsors, has announced that Steve Elliott writer/editor of Toke of the Town (that’d be me, stoner) and Sarena Haskins, owner of SONshine Organics ( which hosts their Washington Farmers Market, have confirmed that they will be guest judging at the 2013 Medicated Chef Finale in Denver, CO at The Oriental Theater Saturday February 16, 2013.


Do You Like To Bake Or Cook With Cannabis?
Attention all cannabis cooks! iBAKE TV is now looking for the 2013 Medicated Chef Show Host. The contest began on August 30. In addition to becoming the 2013 Medicated Chef Show Host, there will be $1000 prize, according to No Excuses Entertainment.
Contestants must be over 18, must be familiar with or have a past history in culinary arts, and also know how to bake or cook with medical cannabis. The contestant also needs to be from a state where medicinal cannabis is legal and also a medical marijuana patient, caregiver or grower.

Medicated Chef/Facebook

Online voting has started for what is being called the first worldwide cannabis cooking contest, the 2013 Medicated Chef Contest, hosted by iBAKE TV.

Contest videos will stay up on YouTube at until January 10. The top three videos with the most YouTube “Likes” will joint contestants Slick Chef of Nebraska and Trang Ngo of Denver on Saturday, February 16, at the contest finale in Denver at The Oriental Theater.
All of the final videos from contestants are uploaded and are live for voting. The videos will stay online until January 10 at 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time. The top three videos, as measured by YouTube “Likes,” will compete in an “Iron Chef”-style contest.

Steve Elliott ~alapoet~
Pictured: “Holland” strain from CannaRx in Seattle

No Excuses Entertainment, LLC’s iBAKE TV and Mj Spectator Team Up For Best Cannabis Picture of 2012 Contest
Now you can turn that killer cannabis photo into cold hard cash.
No Excuses Entertainment, LLC,  iBAKE TV & Mj Spectator have teamed up to bring the cannabis industry the Best Bud Picture of 2012 contest. First place will receive $1,000 cash, Second Place will receive $500 cash, and Third Place will receive $250 cash.
Entries must be uploaded by February 10, 2013, according to the sponsors, and the winners will be announced at the 2013 Medicated Chef Contest, February 16, 2013 at The Oriental Theater in Denver, Colorado.

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Living The Dream

No Excuses Entertainment, a rapidly growing online marijuana media company, already produces the news and entertainment-centered Wake N Bake Show for iBAKE TV, which is garnering an enthusiastic audience eager to learn about cannabis cooking.
Now, iBAKE TV plans to bring both a new educational show, HIGHer Learning with Linzy Miggantz, and a new entertainment show, Sex N Weed, produced by the people at CodeFourTwenty. Both shows are scheduled to begin broadcasting in November, according to Thurlow Weed, CEO of No Excuses Entertainment, LLC and host of the Wake N Bake Show.

HIGHer Learning with Linzy Miggantz will inform viewers on various uses for cannabis oil (which has been known to cure certain cancers), what happens with your body when using the oil, and why it is beneficial. Miggantz is a Crohn’s patient is is currently using medical cannabis oil to treat it.
CodeFourTwenty has stepped outside of the normal online cannabis show with their new adult entertainment show, Sex N Weed. This show will be for the more mature marijuana audience; its Facebook page has already made an impact. Look for Sex N Weed to come out in late November.
recipe2Jacqueline Collins Photography

Cooking with cannabis can be intimidating, so Emma Levy, the chef at BlueKudu, has made it easy for us. She’s created a dark chocolate cookie recipe that pairs with BlueKudu’s Polar Caps bar.

All you need to do is bake the cookies, prepare the chocolate ganache topping and frost the cookies, then chop a Polar Caps bar — which has 100 milligrams of THC — into ten pieces. Place each piece on top of a single cookie for a ten milligram dose — or just sprinkle the cookies with bits of candy cane for an unmedicated treat.

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All photos by Sharon Letts
The Bud Sister’s Pain Relief Salve, infused with lemongrass

Lotions, Salves & Oils… Oh, my!
By Sharon Letts
“Why would you put something in your mouth, you can’t swallow?” my friend asked, showing me the label of a trusted tube of toothpaste. 
It was 1975. I was 16, she was 17, and the “Clean Air & Water Acts” were in effect, opening up a whole new topic of conversation at home…. How would we make our own difference? Shortly after that conversation I bought my first tube of “Tom’s of Maine” (Fennel) toothpaste, and have not looked back.
Around that same time my mom gave me my first bottle of fancy face lotion – “Oil of Olay.” The glass bottle of thin, pink cream with its black cap seemed elegant and French to my young, impressionable mind. It smelled good, was soft on my face, and I had seen it in magazines. It must have been alright, right?

Steve Elliott ~alapoet~
This collective, in Olympia, Washington, is a real innovator among medical marijuana access points

Washington’s Sonshine Organics Also Features A Marijuana Farmer’s Market Twice A Month

A medical marijuana access point in Olympia, Washington, has taken convenience to the next level, opening a drive-through window for patients.

Having visited about 70 collectives now in my capacity as “Toke Signals” marijuana/dispensaries reviewer for the Seattle Weekly, the drive-through window at Sonshine Organics is a feature I’ve never seen before. To my knowledge, this is the first one in the Pacific Northwest.
According to Sonshine’s Sarena Haskins, the drive-through window is open on Fridays and Saturdays for the convenience of patients. “For example, busy mothers who don’t want to leave their kids in the car,” she told me.