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Sharon Letts
Dr. Marion Fry believes that cannabis is good medicine, and that God will save her.

Exclusive Prison Interview:
Dr. Mollie Fry
Story and Photos
by Sharon Letts
It’s been one year and five months since Dr. Marion “Mollie” Fry and her husband, Civil Attorney, Dale Schafer, surrendered to Federal prison for manufacturing and distributing Medical Cannabis in California.
More than six years of litigation and three years of appeals rendered “no defense,” insuring mandatory five year Federal prison terms, respectively.
In 2001 the Fry/Schafer family home located in the hills just north of Sacramento was raided by Federal authority under then President George W. Bush, Jr. during the failed “War on Drugs.” 
Thirty-four plants were confiscated – 20 were infested with spider mites, sitting near a compost pile. 
44 Plants in a Pile
According to Schafer, the couple had never grown more than 44 plants in a given year – well below the 99 plant limit set forth by the State of California for medical use – and never sold a leaf.

Photo: Dan MacLennan/Postmedia News
RCMP Const. Alexa Blacklock with the replica grenade, which is actually a cannabis grinder

​​A marijuana grinder made to look like a real hand grenade caused the closure of an entire airport on Vancouver Island Wednesday morning.

The replica grenade, used to grind cannabis for vaporization or smoking, was found inside a passenger’s checked luggage at Campbell River Airport, reports Paul Rudan at the Campbell River Mirror.
“This just shows how a lapse in judgment can have tremendous consequences,” said Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable Alexa Blacklock. “The airport was closed for almost four hours, inconveniencing over 40 travelers and personnel getting to connecting flights and destinations.”
“It forced an enormous unnecessary use of resources, including specialized units, fire, police, and security staff,” Blacklock said.
Two men were held and questioned by police. Both were released later than day with no charges expected.