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Learn the secret of Aunt Sandy’s 10x Cannabutter in her Medical Marijuana Cookbook.

​Do you know how delicious cannabis can be? With the medical acceptance and value of marijuana now a legal fact in 14 states, and the growing use of edibles by medical marijuana patients, it’s time to get cooking.

Aunt Sandy’s Medical Marijuana Cookbook: Comfort Food For Body And Mind, which will help you do just that, is a beautiful thing. Not only does it just feel “right” as you hold it, it is one of the most gorgeously produced books I’ve seen in a long, long time, with stunning full-page photographs of finished dishes and well-presented, knowledgeable information from a veteran in the field.

Marijuana is medicine, and “Aunt” Sandy Moriarty shows you how to use it safely in 40 delicious and easy-to-follow recipes — desserts, appetizers, entrees and everything that’s good to eat.
Aunt Sandy’s full-color cookbook visually demonstrates the process for creating the “magic ingredient” in her recipes, Sandy’s 10x Cannabutter. The book includes 40 delicious dishes, from Aunt Sandy’s famous signature dessert, Blue Sky Lemon Bars to the “Dizzy Bird” Turkey with stuffing for festive Thanksgiving dinner.

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​A Los Angeles-based company is proposing a 600,000-square-foot indoor hydroponic medical marijuana grow that would be the largest in the United States.

The proposed grow would be located in one of the largest vacant buildings in Chico, California, located at Chico Municipal Airport Industrial Park, once occupied by clothing distributor Koret, reports Toni Scott of the MediaNews Group.
The property is being eyed by Plant Properties Management, LLC, which has hopes of creating a business model unparalleled in the medical marijuana industry.