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Graphic: Cannabis Defense Coalition
Activists in the Olympia, WA area are encouraged to print these posters and distribute them around town.

‚ÄčA Seattle-based marijuana advocacy group is trying to learn the identity of the “confidential informant” responsible for the recent arrest of Olympia City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Joe Hyer on pot charges.

Hyer was arrested February 18 by agents from the forfeiture-funded and citizen-feared Thurston County Narcotics Task Force for allegedly selling marijuana.
An acquaintance of Hyer had contacted the task force and reported that he was able to get cannabis from the councilman, and that he was ready and willing to wear a wire and go “undercover” in an expensive, month-long, taxpayer-funded marijuana investigation cum political vendetta.
Democrat Hyer’s high-profile arrest has already resulted in a chorus of calls for his resignation from ambitious local Republicans who see an opportunity to make political capital from the councilman’s misfortune.