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Billy Fisher and daughter.

to various press releases, Billy Fisher was in the middle of a custody battle with the child’s biological mother who Billy Fisher argues was creating n unsafe environment for his daughter.
The story isn’t entirely clear, but based on Mom’s for Marijuana International reports, it sounds like the baby and mother are in contact with a man who allegedly sexually abused the mother when she was a teenager. Understandable then whey a father would want to remove his daughter from that type of situation. But because Billy Fisher is a registered medical marijuana patient and cannabis activist in Washington, he has been denied custody and can only see his daughter during supervised visits.

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The Dutch make lots of money on cannabis tourism — so obviously, that’s a problem they have to fix. Wait a minute…

‚ÄčThe conservative government of the Netherlands said on Thursday it is delaying plans to ban tourists from buying marijuana in Dutch “coffee shops” until at least May 2012 — but said it still intends to implement the ban.

Cannabis, contrary to popular belief, is still technically illegal in the Netherlands, but police “tolerate” the possession of small amounts, and pot is sold openly in the coffee shops, reports the Associated Press. Large-scale growers still face possible arrest.
The Dutch Cabinet wants to introduce a “weed pass” system allowing only legal residents of the Netherlands to buy marijuana in the shops.