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Concord, California.

City leaders in Concord, Calif. clearly don’t appreciate the bountiful Northern California sun as much as everyone else does. On Tuesday, city council unanimously decided that medical marijuana patients can no longer harness the power of the sun in their own backyards to grow their medicine. Instead, they’ll have to move them indoors under artificial, watt-sucking lights.
Apparently nobody told City Council that being environmentally conscious is kind of a big deal in Northern California.

Photo: California Department of Justice
Local, state and federal personnel were involved in the three-week Operation Full Court Press, which wasted taxpayer money across six Northern California counties.

​Operation Full Court Press, an incredibly expensive, mind-numbingly futile, and ultimately quixotic multi-agency anti-marijuana operation in Northern California, has wound up its three weeks of fun this year, claiming the seizure of 632,058 marijuana plants.

The operation, which covered Colusa, Glenn, Lake, Mendocino, Tehama and Trinity counties, targeted large-scale illegal marijuana grows in and around the Mendocino National Forest. It involved more than 300 personnel from 25 local, state and federal agencies, according to the U.S. Forest Service.
The conclusion of this phase of Full Court Press, in addition to the plants, resulted in the seizure of 1,986 pounds of processed marijuana; $28,031 in U.S. currency; 38 weapons and 20 vehicles.
Arrested were 132 individuals, 118 of whom were booked on various federal and state charges including marijuana, firearm, and immigration violations. Fourteen of those arrested were foreign nationals and were detained on administrative immigration violations. They will be processed for removal from the United States.

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Photo: Jack Rikess
Pretty maidens all in a row: More than 140 outdoor organic strains were displayed in this glass showcase at the Emerald Cup

​By Jack Rikess

Toke of the Town

Northern California Correspondent

Tim Blake, organizer and host of the 2010 Emerald Cup, was reminding me with a huge lopsided grin, “It’s only Friday…this is just like a sound check, a rehearsal for tomorrow night. This is the pre-party party.” 
I wasn’t sure what to expect at my first Emerald Cup except what I read on the poster.
Besides the prestigious awards for first, second and third place for the best strain grown that season, there would be awards for things like the best joint rolled, guessing the number of roaches in the roach jar, highest CBD count, biggest stalk, and — much like rookie of the year — the best new strain.
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It’s even classified as a chemical weapon.

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Steep Hill, a testing lab, found that 84% of samples tested at its Berkeley facility over a 30-day period tested positive for pesticide residues, more than expected. Alarmingly, about 65% of samples tested positive for Myclobutanil, a common food pesticide that becomes highly toxic when heated.


Though it might seem like pot is already legal in parts of California (We’re looking at you, Bay Area), it’s still an illegal substance for anyone in the state to use as a recreational substance. But not for long, and even the state’s top law enforcement official admits she can’t stand in the way of progression.
Attorney General Kamala Harris says marijuana legalization isn’t a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when” and “how”.


Harvest season is upon us. We’re not talking about tomatoes, lettuce and carrots. We’re talking about that most green of crops, marijuana. Late summer marks the beginning of bud harvesting in the Emerald Triangle growing region of Northern California, perhaps the most productive cannabis region in the United States. And California’s historic drought is having its effect on what has described as California’s biggest cash crop.
Ed Rosenthal, an expert in marijuana cultivation known for his books on the topic, says that the drought is already showing its results when it comes to Golden State cannabis. “Crops will be 10 to 20 percent smaller,” he said.
More at the LA Weekly.

Freddie Alexander Smoke III.

A man with the unfortunately ironic last name of “Smoke” was arrested this week, charged with starting a wildfire near an illegal pot grow in Northern California that is forcing people from their homes.
Freddie Alexander Smoke was arrested over the weekend, accused of starting a fire after a spark from his truck exhaust set the dry grass near his illegal pot grow on fire. Smoke was also charged with illegal marijuana cultivation for the 180 plants investigators found on site.

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