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The announcement comes shortly after it raised millions of dollars.
Here’s your daily round up of pot news, excerpted from the newsletter WeedWeek.
Vancouver-based grower Aurora Cannabis is planning a giant 600,000 square-foot grow in Alberta. That’s the size of 10 football fields. Canadian grower Aphria inked a deal to supply an Australian company with MED.
At least two large Canadian producers consider the  new federal home grow rules  “a setback for the advancement of sound cannabis policy.”
The Commodities Futures Trading Commission approved the first exchange for trading hemp derivatives.

Cops in Sydney, Australia say they were patrolling a neighborhood near a building that had been the location of a fire earlier in the day when they saw two men walking out with boxes. When the cops walked up the two dudes freaked out and threw about 22 pounds of bagged up weed in the cops faces and took off running.
Throwing your weed at a policeman might be a good way to buy a few seconds of lead-time, but it’s not something we would suggest.