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Ohio Patient Network

​Ohioans could grow and use marijuana for medicinal purposes under a state constitutional amendment voters may get the chance to consider in 2012.

The Ohio Alternative Treatment Act recently cleared initial hurdles to allow supporters to start getting more than 385,000 signatures required to place the issue on the November 2012 general election ballot, reports Evan Bevins at The Marietta Times.
The amendment would allow medical practitioners in a “bona fide practitioner-patient relationship” to recommend marijuana for qualifying medical conditions including cancer, AIDS, Parkinsson’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder and other diseases, conditions or treatments that produce severe nausea, pain or muscle spasms.

Graphic: The Weed Blog

​An Ohio group that wants to legalize medical marijuana has failed to submit enough petition signatures in its first effort toward putting the idea before voters.

Attorney General Mike DeWine (it would be a lot cooler if he was named DeWeed) on Wednesday rejected the initial petition for putting a proposed constitutional amendment on the  November 2012 ballot, reports The Associated Press.
The amendment would allow cannabis possession for patients with qualifying ailments, along with their caregivers. Patients would need authorization from their doctor to use medical marijuana.
At least 1,000 valid signatures were required before the group could go ahead. Only 534 of the 2,134 signatures turned in were valid, according to DeWine, reports The Weed Blog.

Photo: Teesha McClam/Dayton Daily News
Tonya Davis and other activists are working to get a Constitutional amendment on the Ohio ballot in November 2012 to legalize medical marijuana in the state. Davis said cannabis relieves her symptoms without the problems associated with harsh pharmaceutical narcotics.

​A group favoring the legalization of marijuana for medical uses in Ohio has taken initial steps to place a Constitutional amendment on the ballot in November 2012.

Supporters of the “Ohio Alternative Treatment Amendment” last week submitted 2,143 signatures on petitions to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine with summary language of the proposed amendment, reports Lynn Hulsey at the Dayton Daily News. DeWine sent the signatures out to local election boards for verification.
The group needs 1,000 valid signatures before DeWine will determine if the amendment summary is a “fair and truthful statement.” It will then be reviewed by the Ohio Ballot Board and Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted.

Graphic: Ohio Patient Network

​A bill which would legalize dispensing, growing and using marijuana for medical purposes has been introduced in the Ohio House. Passage is considered unlikely, but if that happened, Ohio would become the 15th state to make medical marijuana legal, reports Alan Johnson at The Columbus Dispatch.

Rep. Kenny Yuko (D-Richmond Heights) is the bill’s primary sponsor, along with five other co-sponsors. The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) in Ohio worked with Yuko in writing the bill, which is similar to Senate Bill 343 fro the last legislative session, but has significant changes, according to advocates.
According to Edward J. Orlett, a former legislator who is Ohio representative for the California-based DPA, said if the Legislature doesn’t legalize medical marijuana, voters should take matters into their own hands.