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Rory Murray
Rory Murray on Facebook: “We begin the BOYCOTT of Long Beach ACE Hardware. Why? Because the owner hates California cannabis patients. They’re willing to discriminate? We’re willing to shut ’em down.”

Long Beach Store Manager Sponsors Friday Anti-Medical Marijuana Protest; Cannabis Advocates Plan Counter-Protest

Why does an Ace Hardware in Long Beach, California hate medical marijuana? Why on earth would a hardware store, of all places, take such a bizarre position — opposing safe access to the medicine that works best for a lot of very sick folks?

For whatever odd rationale, at least one Ace Hardware store feels it needs to protest against medicinal cannabis. The ownership of the Ace franchise at 4th Street and Olive Avenue in Long Beach’s East Village Arts District is organizing a Friday afternoon, September 21 protest rally in front of a medical marijuana dispensary across the street — and now patients and advocates are planning a counter-protest, reports Greggory Moore at the Long Beach Post.

MMJ Truth

The Obama Administration’s medical marijuana crackdown came to Seattle in a big way today.

On Thursday, the Drug Enforcement Administration sent notification letters to the operators and property owners of 23 “marijuana store fronts,” as they called them, “located in school zones.” The letters informed the owner/operators that such enterprises “operating as ‘dispensaries’ ” within 1,000 feet of a school, playground or “other prohibited area,” “could result in the seizure and forfeiture of assets, as well as criminal prosecution.”

The seizure could include the property where the dispensary operates, any money received from the business, and potential criminal prosecution. The letter orders dispensary operators and property owners to cease the sale and distribution of marijuana “within 30 days.”
“We all work hard to create a safe zone for kids in school,” claimed U.S. Attorney Jenny A. Durkan of the Western District of Washington. “There is a reason that both federal and state laws prohibit the sale of marijuana in school zones. We need to enforce one message for our students: drugs have no place in or near our schools.”

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​The Los Angeles City Clerk on Wednesday released a list of 228 medical marijuana dispensaries that have applied to participate in a lottery to select 100 dispensaries to operate in the city.

The clerk’s office said it is still reviewing the information on the eight-page form and supporting documents to ensure all applicants meet the requirements to qualify for the drawing, reports John Hoeffel at The Los Angeles Times. To qualify for the lottery, dispensaries must have paperwork showing they were in business on September 14, 2007, and still have at least one of the original owner/operators.


​Are you interested in serving on a medical marijuana registry advisory committee? Do you live in Colorado? The Department of Public Health is seeking applications for nine positions open to members of the public. Applications will be accepted until June 30.

The committee will advise the department’s executive director on devising rules required by two medical marijuana bills recently passed by the Colorado Legislature, SB10-109 and HB10-1284, reports Loretta Sword at The Pueblo Chieftain.
Recommendations by the committee on implementation of the laws will be considered by the department’s executive director and the Colorado Board of Health.
Members of the public will hold nine spots on the 11-member advisory committee. The other two positions will be from the Department of Public Health and Environment.
The department’s two committee members will be the director of the state’s medical marijuana registry and the state’s chief medical officer (or his designee).

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​A Lake Forest, California medical marijuana dispenary owner/manager pleaded guilty Tuesday to unlawful sales of marijuana.

Steven John Wick, 26, owner and operator of The Health Collective (THC) in Lake Forest, pleaded guilty to unlawful sale of marijuana and possession of marijuana for sale, and admitted to sentencing enhancements of committing a crime while he was free on bail in a separate case, reports Larry Welborn at The Orange County Register.
Wick was sentenced to three years in state prison, according to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

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​It may be just a couple of weeks until the cannabis consumer’s highest day of the year, 4/20, but it’s still not too late to order the proper apparel for your April 20 party.

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Rick Morse says he will fight for what he believes is right until officers take him away in handcuffs

​An arrest warrant has been issued for the owner of a Fresno, California medical marijuana dispensary.

Rick Morse, who owns the Medmar Clinic in Fresno’s Tower District, is accused of illegally running the dispensary, reports Alicia Coates of
Morse’s contempt of court arraignment was Wednesday but he didn’t show, resulting in the court issuing a felony warrant for his arrest.
Surprisingly, local TV station CBS47 found Morse at his Medmar clinic Wednesday night, and he didn’t seem overly worried about the warrant.
“I would rather go by my constitution than what some void order says,” Morse told CBS47.