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It’s one of many theories.

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Angelina Jolie’s exhaustion with Brad Pitt’s cannabis use, reportedly contributed to her filing for divorce. The Guardian asks what that means for custody of their children. Vulture chronicles Pitt’s “ battle with marijuana.”

Three Phoenix cops resigned and face criminal charges after allegedly forcing a 19-year old to eat marijuana or go to jail.

Pro-legalization activists say opponent Kevin Sabet broke the law by displaying a bag of infused gummies on a television panel in Boston. Sabet didn’t return an email requesting comment.

​Scientists at Temple University in Philadelphia who are exploring the medical benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), a marijuana compound that does not produce the high associated with THC, have found that it’s effective in helping prevent neuropathic pain.

CBD, the second major cannabinoid in pot after THC, has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, but no psychoactive effects, according to the scientists, reports Tom Avril at
In a study using lab mice, CBD showed promise in preventing the kind of neuropathic pain that can result from the chemotherapy drug paclitaxel (sold as the brand-name Taxol, among others).
Mice that were given paclitaxel and also received CBD were much less sensitive to pain than mice that receive only chemo.

Graphic: The Boston Phoenix

​Oregon on Wednesday became the latest state — and the first in many years — to officially reclassify marijuana from its Schedule I status as a dangerous drug with no medical value.

The Oregon Board of Pharmacy (BOP) voted 4-1 on June 16 to move cannabis to Schedule II, thereby recognizing its medical use.
The BOP decision came after months of deliberation and input from the public. The Oregon Legislature passed SB 728, which directed the BOP to reclassify marijuana to Schedule II, III, IV or V, in August 2009.

Patient advocate Carl Olsen: “That creates an obligation on the part of the state to move forward and do something about it”

​A Des Moines man involved in the effort to legalize medical marijuana in Iowa said he plans to petition the Iowa Board of Pharmacy to write rules allowing the use of the herb medicinally. Carl Olsen’s comments followed House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s Monday announcement the Legislature has dropped plans to have a committee study the issue.

McCarthy said it appears that according to the Iowa Code, it is the board’s duty, not that of the Legislature, to write the medical marijuana rules. According to Olsen, the matter could wind up in the courts, reports Pat Curtis at Radio Iowa.
“The question in the judicial review would be whether (the pharmacy board) has a duty to make the rules,” Olsen said. “McCarthy seems to be saying they do and he’s an attorney.”