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Jane Phillips/The New Mexican
Steve Jenison, who worked as medical director for New Mexico’s medical marijuana program until his retirement, will voice his support for the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act, Issue 5

Arkansas Doctors Show Support for Issue 5
A press conference featuring Arkansas doctors voicing their support of Issue 5, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act, will be held Thursday, November 1. Dr. Steve Jenison, chair of the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Advisory Board, will be the featured speaker. Dr. Jenison will speak about the success of the New Mexico program — its regulations, oversight and impact on the State of New Mexico, and about the similarity of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act to New Mexico’s own program.
Dr. Jenison worked at New Mexico’s Department of Health as the medical director for the medicinal cannabis program before he retired.

Soldiers For The Cause

Continued access to medicine threatened by a request to withdraw PTSD as a qualifying condition for the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program 
Military veterans and other patients to petition the Governor and the Secretary of Health: Don’t Take Away Our Medicine
More than 3,000 New Mexican residents with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are actively enrolled in the state’s Medical Cannabis Program. Many of them are military veterans, patients living with disabilities, and victims of serious trauma and violent crime. Unfortunately, their continued access to medicine is being threatened by a request to withdraw PTSD as a qualifying condition for the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program.


By Bob Starrett
Did anybody else see just a touch of fear — and dare I say shame — in the eyes and body language of some of the U.S. Marshals who came to the aid of apparently trapped DEA and IRS agents who were discovered by protesters at the Coffeeshop Blue Sky on Monday?
After they had taken down Oaksterdam University and Richard Lee’s other related businesses, the crowd caught them redhanded. Tedious as it can be, and having watched much of it live, thanks to Oaktown Pirate’s live feed, I reviewed the footage and it seemed to confirm my observations. Now, there were not a lot of protesters there. But there was no doubt that those who were there were serious about their city and their state and their rights.

Photo: Jesse Kasten/The Lumberjack
Flagstaff, Arizona’s Cheba Hut is a friendly haven for the high and hungry. But plans to located a medical marijuana dispensary next door have been derailed by city officials.

‚ÄčAw, man. It would have been so perfect.

Locating a medical marijuana dispensary next to a sandwich shop known for its stoner-friendly atmosphere and its subs named after strains of cannabis? Genius idea, and good for both businesses.
Several ganjapreneurs evidently had the same idea, even going to far as to secure a letter of intent from the landlord to rent them the commercial space next to the Cheba Hut in Flagstaff, Arizona. Cheba Hut markets to stoners, winkingly putting in quotes “Toasted” Subs and featuring “palm trees” in its logo that look quite a bit like cannabis leaves. Oh, and check out alllll that smoke pouring out the chimney.