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It follows an infamous raid..

Here’s your daily round-up of pot-news, excerpted from the newsletter WeedWeek. Download WeedWeek’s free 2016 election guide here.

Santa Ana, Calif. paid $100,000 to a the dispensary raided by police in 2015, and agreed to drop misdemeanor charges against employees, in exchange for them agreeing not to sue. Three officers face charges after surveillance footage recorded them mocking an amputee and playing darts during the raid. They argued that they shouldn’t be charged since they believed they had disabled all of the dispensary’s video cameras.

The league and the plant appear to be on a collision course. 

Here’s your daily round-up of pot-news, excerpted from the newsletter WeedWeek

Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson will serve a four-game suspension after testing positive for marijuana. Seantrel suffers from Crohn’s Disease and had bowel surgery early this year.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is not happy that rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott visited a pot shop in Seattle. Elliott didn’t buy anything according to TMZ. The Cowboys start the season tomorrow with three players suspended for substance abuse violations.

Graphic: San Jose Cannabis Clubs

​Medical marijuana patients and supporters are staging a protest this Thursday, October 14, as criminal court proceedings begin at the Terraine Courthouse in San Jose, California. The protests are responding to aggressive law enforcement actions over the past two weeks by several local police departments and the California Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement.

The so-called “investigation,” which resulted in the arrest of almost two dozen medical cannabis patients and providers in Santa Clara County on October 1 and 7, is cynically referred to by law enforcement as “Up In Smoke.”
A press conference will be held at 12:30 p.m., with some of the arrested patients, their attorneys, and patient advocates expressing staunch opposition to law enforcement’s heavy-handed tactics.

North Carolina’s Quan Sturdivant, a likely first-round draft choice in next year’s NFL draft, was arrested Saturday morning on marijuana charges.

​North Carolina star linebacker Quan Sturdivant, who was a first team All-ACC selection in 2009, was charged with possession of marijuana following his Saturday morning arrest.

Sturdivant, 21, of Oakboro, N.C., was arrested by Albermarle police and charged with possession of less than half an ounce of marijuana, misdemeanor, reports the Raleigh News & Observer.
The senior linebacker was pulled over at Bojangles’ at 11:15 a.m., according to police, reports Jonathan Jones at The Daily Tar Heel.
“We are disappointed in Quan’s actions over the weekend,” said North Carolina football coach Butch Davis.
“This is not the type of behavior we expect from our student-athletes,” Davis said. “In addition to the outcome of the legal process, he will also face disciplinary action from within the football program beginning immediately.”
“What do you mean, what would I do for a lighter?”

​Marijuana activist/visionary Rob Griffin set the standard, simply because he was there before almost anyone else. When he launched 420 Girls in 1993, there weren’t any other sites centered around photos of naked women smoking weed.

The goal, Griffin says, was always to draw more people into the legalization movement through the beauty, glamor and sex appeal of the nude female figure.
The site features nude women smoking pot, posing with cannabis paraphernalia, marijuana plants and buds, posing in dispensaries, fields and grow rooms.
While the formula has certainly caught on — there are many others like it today — was the original.
Griffin’s mission came into being as a result of a marijuana possession conviction from 1992, while Rob was living in Maryland. Because he was then considered, by law, to be a felon due to drug-related charges, his right to vote was permanently suspended.
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