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Photo: NBC Montana

​Montana legislators have just a few days to reach compromise on a bill to “overhaul” the state’s booming medical marijuana industry. If they can’t do that, they face the prospect of the industry continuing to grow. What? An actual bright spot in the Treasure State’s dismal economy? Hurry up, guys, snuff that bitch out!

Legislators started on Monday working out the differences between the Senate and House versions of the overhaul measure, Senate Bill 423, reports
Governor Brian Schweitzer last week vetoed the Republican plan to repeal to voter-approved medical marijuana law.

Graphic: Media Junkie

​A small-town Montana police chief was arrested Tuesday for allegedly growing marijuana in a barn near his residence.

Roosevelt County deputies arrested Poplar Police Chief Chad A. Hilde at his rural home north of Culbertson, Montana, reports Travis Coleman at the Great Falls Tribune. The chief is being charged with one felony count of “criminal production or manufacture of dangerous drugs,” and one misdemeanor count of “criminal possession of dangerous drugs.”
Chief Hilde, who faces up to 10 years in prison on the felony charge, has been placed on “administrative leave,” according to a dispatcher Monday at the Poplar Police Department. The police chief, who says the marijuana belonged to an authorized patient, said he planned to sue the Roosevelt County Sheriff.
A juvenile female runaway told Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Deputy Matt Wallace on July 30 that Chief Hilde had marijuana growing in his barn, and that Hilde told her it was for medical purposes, according to an affidavit filed by acting Roosevelt County Attorney Steven Howard.