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If you combined Saturday Night Live‘s “Really?” segment with ESPN’s celebration of boneheaded NFL plays titled “C’Mon Man!” you would have my reaction to Derek Rosenfeld’s recent HuffPo article trashing our commander in chief. In his piece “President Obama Is the Last Person Who Should Joke About Marijuana”, Rosenfeld, who is the Internet communications associate at the venerable Drug Policy Alliance, took issue with one joke from the Prez’s annual White House Correspondents Dinner.
What was so egregious about Obama’s marijuana diss? It wasn’t one to begin with.

Irvin Rosenfeld/Facebook

Irvin Rosenfeld has smoked more than 125,000 U.S. government marijuana cigarettes over the past 30 years. 

Editor’s note: Did you know that for the past three decades, the U.S. federal government has been providing a handful of patients with medical marijuana? The program grew out of a 1976 court settlement that created the country’s first legal cannabis smoker, Robert C. Randall, and the creation of the Compassionate Use Investigative New Drug Program.

By Irvin Rosenfeld
Federal Medical Marijuana Patient
President Obama, you now have to make a decision with regard to how the federal government will answer the groundswell of support nationwide not only for medical use of cannabis, but also for outright legalization.
Why am I writing? Of the final four federal medical marijuana (cannabis) patients in the United States, I am the longest surviving member, and I believe I have a unique voice on this issue. On November 20, I will be starting my thirty-first year of receiving 10 to 12 cannabis cigarettes per day for severe bone tumor disorders.
It serves as a muscle relaxant, an anti-inflammatory, an analgesic, and has kept my tumors from growing for more than 38 years. I am in great shape for someone with my conditions. That’s because I have the right medicine.

Photo: Irvin Rosenfeld/
The great Irv Rosenfeld, shown here with a tin of 300 federal joints, has smoked thousands of doobs — all of which he got from the federal government — since 1982.

‚ÄčFederal Marijuana Patient Irv Rosenfeld To Speak In The Mile High City

Irvin Rosenfeld is one of my personal heroes. One of only four surviving medical marijuana patients in the U.S. who receive cannabis legally from the federal government, Irv also unofficially holds the world record for smoking more joints (documented through his medical records) — 115,000 — than any other human being. (Just putting you on notice, Irv — I’m doing all I can to catch up with you.)

Rosenfeld will be in Denver for a speaking engagement and book signing this Saturday, November 13, at the Oriental Theatre in Denver at 3 p.m.