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Does Obama need weed?

Guru of Ganja Ed Rosenthal, he of “Ask Ed” fame and a slew of grow-books, said on Wednesday afternoon that many of the President’s policy problems can be written up to the fact that Obama is suffering from marijuana deficiency syndrome (MDS).

Speaking with Toke of the Town to promote his new book, Marijuana Pest & Disease Control, Rosenthal speculated about the President’s intentions with the current federal crackdown on medicinal cannabis providers.

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Happy Buds give guidance on marijuana strains that work best for more than 25 occasions, profiling more than 80 varieties

​Happy Buds: Marijuana for Any Occasion, the latest book from ganja guru Ed Rosenthal, is unlike any other marijuana book on the market, including any of Ed’s other works. The book aims to answer the question, “What strain is good for that?” in a recreational way. As the front cover puts it, “Dance • Play • Chill • Snuggle,” and it has cannabis suggestions for all the above.

Ed picked two excellent co-authors — Anna Foster and Mamakind — for Happy Buds, and it shows, both in the increased presence of female energy and perspectives, and in a more light-hearted approach than can be found in any of Rosenthal’s grow books and coffee-table bud volumes.
Whether you plan on going out to party and live it up, if you’re feeling a little down and need to let go of your cares, if you’re stressed out and need to slow down, or even if you need to focus on a complicated task, Happy Buds has a strain for you.