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“Oh dear God… what if little Jimmy’s on WEEEEEEED?!”

If you thought the laughable Reefer Madness hyperbole and tall tales were a thing of the past — a relic, perhaps, of your 20th Century schooling — think again.

The extremist anti-drug group “notMYkid,” just in time for the 4/20 holiday this year, is indulging in the same, lame rhetoric of the past century, darkly mentioning in a Tuesday press release, “With nearly 40,000 drug-related deaths each year, ‘National Weed Day’ can be the start down a tragic path.”
They somehow seem to have forgotten a couple of things, notably, (1) NONE of those 40,000 deaths is attributable to marijuana, and in fact NO death EVER in human history is directly attributable to cannabis; and (2) most of those 40,000 drug deaths aren’t even due to illegal drugs at all — but instead represent overdoses on legal pharmaceuticals manufactured by, surprise, surprise! — the same Big Pharma giants who fund this nonsensical anti-pot propaganda in the first place.