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Is smoking pot a guaranteed religious freedom?

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The activist known as New Jersey Weedman will be able to argue in court that raids on his Trenton, N.J. “cannabis temple” violate his religious freedom.

Kayvan Khalatbari, a prominent activist and businessman in Denver, discussed the industry’s lack of diversity with Vice.

Sports Illustrated travels to Humboldt to ask about the industry’s impact on high school and college sports there. “There are probably no other public schools in the world that have ever offered clipping trays — trays for clipping marijuana on — as part of their auction for the PTA fair,” local journalist Kym Kemp says.

NFL running back turned cannabis investor Ricky Williams is the subject of a new Sports Illustrated documentary. He estimates that 70 percent of NFL players smoke marijuana.

Harper’s Bazaar visits the annual Spirit Weavers Gathering, a getaway for New Age-inclined women, that the article calls “the world’s chicest cult.” There, author Marisa Meltzer hears of a California pot farm that has fertilized the plant with menstrual blood for two generations.

A Canadian known as Marijuana Man makes $78,000 a year getting high on Youtube. He told an interviewer that he’s had internet “since 1984.”

There’s a crowdfunding campaign to bring “industrial hemp building and farming ambassador” Klara Marosszeky to California for a visit. She’s based in Australia.

Wired visits high-end edibles maker Défoncé Chocolatier. (Défoncé means ‘wasted’.)

“The Summer Fair,” a festival in Portland this month, will have free pot giveaways.

Netflix will make “Disjointed,” a weed sitcom starring Kathy Bates.

The Reductress recommends “ Healthy Snacks To Balance Out All The Junk You’ll Devour When You’re High Tonight.”

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Here’s the deal, Colorado, you’ve got a pretty good thing going so far what with limited amounts of pot possession and cultivation now legal. But the catch there is that you can’t be stupid with it like the grandparents of two Greeley, Colorado fourth-graders accused of selling their grandparent’s edibles and pot at school.

The teenage years are an awkward time for everybody. High school can be especially tough, just trying to fit in, particularly if you have any sort of disability. 15-year-old Noah Kirkman, a 10th-grade student at Western Canada High School knows about these pressures all too well, growing up with attention-deficit disorder and Tourette syndrome.
While he is far from the first high school student to have to deal with such issues, he appears to be one of the first students to have been granted permission by his school to use medical marijuana, while on campus, to treat his ailments. That’s right, three times a day the young man walks right past the Principal’s office, and into the Vice Principal’s office for a quick rip, or two or three, off of his handheld herbal vaporizer.

Gambling was legalized in Nevada in 1931, with the Sal Sagev Hotel becoming the state’s first legal casino. Fast forward 82 years, and quite a bit has changed, not just in Las Vegas, but across the state.
In the home of Sin City, it’s hard to imagine being the “first” to do anything. But last weekend, Robert Calkin and the California-based Cannabis Career Institute did just that, when they hosted nearly 70 students for Nevada’s first-ever medical marijuana school.

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President Barack Obama made a habit of “intercepting” joints back in his high school days. Does he still have enough mojo to “tackle” the Drug War in a second term?

Obama’s been in the White House for three and a half years now, and searching for his actual position on marijuana is still roughly like searching for Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest. There are plenty of rumors that the guy has some actual beliefs on the subject, with no shortage of opinions as to what those might actually be, but nobody can actually prove anything.

Nobody, that is, except the dispensary operators and collective managers who’ve been raided during Obama’s term — even after both Obama himself (as a candidate in 2008), his Administration (the so-called Ogden Memo, 2009) and Attorney General Eric Holder (in 2009) all said the prosecution of individuals who are obeying their states’ medical marijuana laws “wouldn’t be a priority.”


​A high school principal in Nevada is under fire for suspending 12 students who posted pro-marijuana signs on campus.

Carson Valley Middle School Principal Robert Been claimed the signs, which read “Legalize Weed” and “Free The Weed,” caused a “disruption” at the school, reports Scott Neuffer at the North Lake Tahoa Bonanza.
Principal Been, office telephone number (775) 782-2265 extension 21, email address [email protected], claimed the signs violated a policy requiring all signs to be “approved by staff” before being displayed.

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​Police in New Zealand who were burning seized cannabis were left red-faced when the wind sent a thick cloud of heady marijuana smoke billowing over a primary school, it was reported Tuesday.

Officers in the South Island town of Picton, New Zealand were destroying cannabis and shredded paper and an incinerator at the local police station when the incident occurred, the Marlborough Express newspaper reported, according to The Raw Story.
St. Joseph’s School principal Peter Knowles noticed the smoke on Friday morning and complained to police, who immediate put out the fire, according to the paper.