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In some families, raising the cannabis plant is a time-honored tradition. Back at the end of the 1800s, farmer Diego Pellicer, who owned one of the largest hemp farms in the Philippines, made products for the Spanish navy. Over a century later, his great-grandson, Jamen Shively, founded a dispensary with his partner, Doug Anderson, and named it in honor his great-grandfather.

The first dispensary in the Diego Pellicer chain opened on October 15, 2016, in Seattle. The second opened in Denver on February 14. According to Ron Throgmartin, CEO of Diego Pellicer Worldwide, six more locations are in the works.

Former Microsoft executive Jamen Shively: Will he become the Bill Gates of bud?

A former Microsoft executive in Washington state plans to enter the newly legal marijuana business there, with a decided tilt towards the upscale end of the cannabis market.

Jamen Shively said he plans to name the business after his great-grandfather, who supplied hemp tope to the Spanish Armada during the Spanish-American War, reports KIRO TV. He reportedly brainstormed the idea “after a few bong hits.”