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Charles Dhaparak/AP
Iowa state Senator Kent Sorenson speaks at a rally for Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul on Wednesday at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines

​People are talking about rats abandoning sinking ships. Michelle Bachmann’s Iowa Presidential campaign chairman has switched to rival Ron Paul’s political camp — and the switch could have been prompted by his conviction on a marijuana charge back when he was 20 years old.

Iowa state Senator Kent Sorenson‘s history was uncovered by the Des Moines Register last year when he was a candidate in Iowa’s 37th District campaign for the Legislature. The paper dug up the old marijuana conviction, reports Anissa Ford at Huliq.
Sorenson was snared in 1992 in a penny-ante undercover drug sting where he purchased one-eighth ounce of marijuana for $30 “with intent to deliver.” He was handed a six-month suspended sentence. He was also ordered to spend three to five days in jail for the misdemeanor offense, and had to pay a $300 fine.