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Broward County Sheriff’s Office
Bricks of marijuana washed up on a south Florida beach Friday morning.

Shades of the 1970s! It’s Square Grouper time again in Florida, as bricks of soggy marijuana are once again washing up on the shore of Miami suburb Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Friday morning.

Witnesses saw one man, later identified as Reginaldo Azevedo, pick up one of the bricks of cannabis near Commercial Boulevard and start walking quickly north on Ocean Boulevard, reports Anna Edgerton at The Miami Herald.
A cop who was nearby yelled at Azevedo to stop, but he took off running north up Ocean Boulevard. He made it about five blocks before he threw the marijuana in the sand dunes and “started doing exercises.” Yeah, that’s what the police report says.

Robert Platshorn spreads the truth about cannabis through The Silver Tour, even as he battles cancer. Now the federal government has moved to silence him, and has forbidden him to use the only medicine that helps

Sunlight Into Darkness

By Robert Platshorn
The Silver Tour
After spending almost 30 years in prison for importing marijuana, I met Tony, who was to be my parole officer for the next three-plus years. A big, strong guy in his late 40s, he looked like the kind of fed I had hoped never to see again. 
For the first year, it was touch and go. Tony was trying to convince me he was a decent human being and me confident that he was just waiting for a chance to put the Tuna back in the can.