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Photo: Elaine Thompson
Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn: “We hope that if we can demonstrate, here in Seattle, a more sane approach to how we can work with this, that we can continue to move towards a transition on how we regulate and oversee the use of marijuana in an intelligent way rather than the irrational way that the prohibition era has given us.”

​Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn scheduled a Wednesday signing ceremony with City Attorney Pete Holmes, state Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles and other officials to sign a bill regulating medical marijuana like any other business.

Marijuana prohibition “denies an appropriate medication” to patients who need it, Mayor McGinn said at the ceremony. “Prohibition does not work.”
“We are taking the approach that what we need to do is honor the wishes of the City of Seattle and honor the wishes of the voters of Washington when it comes to medical marijuana, and appropriately regulate its use,” Mayor McGinn said.

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A Washington medical marijuana patient will be paid for his 15 cannabis plants after they were stolen, then recovered and taken into evidence by deputies.

​A Washington medical marijuana patient whose pot plants were stolen on Sunday will probably get money — but not his plants — back from the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office.

The plants, which are now being held as evidence in the criminal case against a pair accused of stealing them, may be needed in court, and will likely spoil before they can be returned to their rightful owner, according to Kitsap County Sheriff’s spokesman Scott Wilson, reports Josh Farley at the Kitsap Sun.
“We don’t want to provide something back that could cause illness,” Wilson said.