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​Dude, say it ain’t so. A new poll from the Public Policy Institute of California indicates that 51 percent of Golden State voters oppose legalizing marijuana, while just 46 percent favor it.

According to PPIC, the finding is similar to results from a poll a year ago, when 47 percent favored legalization and 49 percent opposed it.
Among “likely voters,” it’s an even split: 48 percent favor legalization, and 48 percent oppose, with 4 percent “unsure.”
Voters rejected Prop 19’s version of marijuana legalization last year, with 53.5 percent voting against it.  There has since been talk of another ballot measure.

Photo: ZUMA Press/Newscom
Supporters of Prop 19 hold up signs in Irvine, California, August 22, 2010

​The latest poll on California’s Proposition 19, which would legalize adult marijuana recreational marijuana use and allow local governments to regulate and tax sales, shows the ballot initiative ahead with 52 percent supporting it and 41 percent against it.

The poll [PDF], released late Wednesday by the Public Policy Institute of California, shows strong majorities of independent (65 percent), Democratic (63 percent), and Latino (63 percent) likely voters support Prop 19 when read the full ballot title and label, as do those ages 18 to 34 (70 percent). Those 35 and older are divided on the measure.