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Adithya Sambamurthy/The Bay Citizen
San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón claims all marijuana sales are illegal. Could his brain have been taken over by L.A. District Attorney Steve Cooley?

​San Francisco’s 21 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries are all illegal, according to a new court filing by District Attorney George Gascón. Observers of the scene speculate that the filing could signify a huge change in the city’s cannabis policies.

City law allows medical marijuana to be bought in dispensaries and delivered to patients who have a doctor’s recommendation. The businesses must acquire licenses and seller’s permits from the California Board of Equalization before receiving city Department of Public Health permits to sell cannabis, reports Chris Roberts at the SF Examiner.

Luke Thomas/Fog City Journal
Founder/president Kevin Reed of The Green Cross: “The Green Cross will act no differently today or tomorrow, than we did a month ago”

​The founder and president of The Green Cross, a medical marijuana delivery service in San Francisco, responded on Monday to the recently announced federal crackdown on cannabis dispensaries, saying the collective “will act no differently today or tomorrow, than we did a month ago.”

“Following the release of the Cole Memo earlier this summer, the United States Department of Justice announced their intention to ‘crack down’ on medical cannabis dispensaries across the state of California,” Reed told members of The Green Cross collective in a Monday email. “At a press conference last Friday in Sacramento, US Attorneys reminded us that federal law prohibits the use and distribution of cannabis for any purpose regardless of state law, and, outlined heightened enforcement techniques tailored for each of California’s US Attorney districts.

Photo: The Green Cross
From the menu at The Green Cross: SF Ice, an indica cross of Afghan, Northern Lights, Skunk and Shiva. Tested at 18.4 percent THC.

​The Green Cross, first incorporated as a California public benefit nonprofit medical marijuana patient collective in July 2004, is celebrating seven years in San Francisco.

“Since then, The Green Cross has become well known for our safe and discreet delivery service, commitment to social and environmental responsibility, absolute compliance with state and local laws, and generosity to local and national charitable organizations,” said founder and president Kevin Reed.
“In seven years since we first incorporated with the State of California, The Green Cross has experienced its share of ups and downs,” Reed said. “But, with the help of your support, we are proud to be among the city’s best licensed medical cannabis dispensaries.”

​The San Francisco Department of Public Health, which licenses and polices the city’s 26 storefront medical marijuana dispensaries, announced on Friday that it will ask every dispensary to provide a list — with names and addresses — of every grower with which it does business.

The result would be a disaster for the city’s burgeoning medical marijuana industry, according to Kevin Reed, president of the Green Cross medicinal cannabis delivery service, reports Chris Roberts at the S.F. Weekly.
“It’s unacceptable,” Reed told the Weekly. “It would be a disaster.”
The list of grower names and addresses is needed, claimed Rajiv Bhatia, head of DPH’s Occupational & Environmental Health, for safety and legality reasons.
“DPH is trying to ensure that permitted MCDs [medical cannabis dispensaries]comply with all state and local laws,” Bhatia said. “By ensuring this, the industry will be best situated to be protected from code enforcement and criminal prosecution.”

Photo: Luke Thomas/The Green Cross
Kevin Reed, The Green Cross: “We are committed to providing our membership with access to quality medical cannabis products”

​The Green Cross, a San Francisco medical cannabis delivery service, announced on Thursday that it has been awarded at A+ rating and full accreditation by the Golden Gate Better Business Bureau. Organizations in the U.S. and Canada must be reviewed and monitored before getting a rating and accreditation by the BBB.

“It’s an honor to receive recognition for the high standards of practice we have built into our organization,” said Kevin Reed, president of The Green Cross. “The BBB has a long history of encouraging ethical business practices and protecting consumers, and The Green Cross is pleased to be affiliated with such an outstanding organization.”

Photo: Luke Thomas/The Green Cross
Kevin Reed: “I like to hear what medicine or strain that people like or maybe want more of.”

4th Annual Medical Cannabis Competition  Sunday, Nov. 14
Article and Interview by Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town
Northern California Correspondent
Kevin Reed first started Green Cross Dispensary in 2004; soon the dispensary became too big for the neighborhood. Green Cross was shut down. After many negotiations and jumping through hoops with the city over possible locations, the best deal Reed could cut was to open a delivery service-only dispensary. That is where the situation stands today, except that he is looking aggressively for a new location.
“I miss not having the physical space of a dispensary,” Reed said. “I miss the interaction with patients. I like to hear what medicine or strain that people like or maybe want more of. Now the best I could I do is talk to my drivers. They tell me stories about the patients or their experiences. I really get jealous.”