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Senior MPs in the Parliament of the United Kingdom, after a year-long study, on Monday called for the legalization of cannabis.

According to the Ministers, the U.K.’s current approach just isn’t working. The recommendation, called  “shock verdict” by Kevin Schofield at The Sun, came in a report from Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee.
The move came after a year-long investigation which included witnesses such as comedian and former heroin addict Russell Brand, who called for simple drug possession to no longer be considered a crime.

Clark French
U.K. multiple sclerosis patient/cannabis activist Clark French: “Police time is wasted on cannabis”

Multiple sclerosis patient Clark French is one of thousands of patients in Britain and the world over who use cannabis to help with their medical conditions. These conditions include multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, and Crohn’s disease. Trials are currently being conducted to determine if cannabis can stop the growth of cancers.
French, one of the founding members of NORML UK (National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), will be appearing on Channel’s 4 4Thought program, to discuss his medical use of cannabis. 
Cannabis has become increasingly prominent in the United Kingdom in last few years, as more people and politicians have realized its therapeutic benefits and the harms produced by the black market. A July 2012 YouGov poll for The Sun showed that 45 percent supported at least decriminalization of cannabis, and that 25 percent of the population do not believe that cannabis is harmful at all.

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Northamptonshire Police
“Northamptonshire Police would like to apologize for the incorrect information provided to the media which claimed that cannabis plants had potential carcinogenic properties”

​A local police department in the United Kingdom has issued an apology over an incorrect statement made following a cannabis garden raid.

Northamptonshire Police have retracted an earlier statement which claimed the odor of mature marijuana plants causes cancer, reports the Harborough Mail.
“Northamptonshire Police would like to apologize for the incorrect information provided to the media which claimed that cannabis plants had potential carcinogenic properties,” a spokesman for the force stiffly offered.
“This information was provided in good faith,” the spokesman claimed. “However, we accept the information was misleading and we will strive to ensure this does not happen again.”
The original outlandish claim was published in the Mail on March 1 in a report about cannabis plants being seized by police during a raid in Cottingham. It received worldwide attention after Toke of the Town picked up the story on March 8.

Photo: THC Farmer
If Britain’s Liberal Democrats have their way, personal possession of marijuana and other drugs will no longer be a criminal offense. Above, some of Britain’s finest UK Cheese.

​The United Kingdom’s Liberal Democrats are reportedly ready to call for the decriminalization of all drugs, characterizing current laws as harmful and ineffective.

According to the UK edition of the Huffington Post, Lib Dem party members are “almost certain” to back a motion next month urging the British government to set up an expert panel to consider the decriminalization of personal drug use.
If it wins support at a conference in Birmingham, the motion will become party policy. According to scene-watchers, this will likely provoke tensions with the party’s Conservative coalition partners.

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Photo: Lewis Whyld/PA
PC Chloe Snell examines what the Brits like calling a “cannabis factory” in a house in East London, 2008

​More than 6,800 cannabis farms — or “factories,” as the sensationalist British press puts it — were discovered by police in the United Kingdom last year.

Almost 20 commercial cannabis growing operations were found by police every day in the past year by authorities, according to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), making the total for 2009/2010 6,886 — more than double the 3,032 discovered two years ago, and more than eight times the annual average of 800 between 2004 and 2007, reports the U.K. Press Association.

Photo: Daily Mail
British MS patients have waited 11 years for Sativex, a cannabis-based oral spray. Now many of them still won’t get it.

​Doctors in southern England have been told not to prescribe a new cannabis-based drug developed for multiple sclerosis patients, reports the BBC.

Sativex, an oral spray which had taken 11 years to develop, was licensed for medical use in the United Kingdom last week.
But unaccountably, 10 primary care trusts have told physicians not to give the treatment, which is designed to reduce pain, claiming it is not effective.
The MS Society charity called the decision “arbitrary and disappointing” and said it would fight against it. It said the decision could affect hundreds of patients.

Don’t ask me why they do it, but Brits traditionally mix their cannabis with tobacco. Hey: If they legalize before the U.S., maybe we could learn from them.

​Dutch-style cannabis cafes would be permitted in the United Kingdom under “secret” Liberal Democrat plans, reports James Slack at the Daily Mail.

A “leaked policy document” reportedly calls for the decriminalization of marijuana. The paper also suggests allowing possession of cannabis, “social supply” to adults and cultivation of the plants for personal use.
The document follows an internal party vote that commits the Liberal Democrats to making it “no longer a crime for the occupier or manager of premises to permit someone to use cannabis on those premises.”

Photo: Stefan Rousseau/AP
British Home Secretary Alan Johnson holds two prototype pint glasses designed not to break up into dangerous shards on impact. The British government wants pubs to try out the shatterproof glasses to cut back on alcohol-related violence.

​From time to time, we as marijuana users may find it instructive to look across the aisle, as it were, at our alcohol-imbibing brethren.

These glances almost always serve to remind us why we choose pot instead.
Such is the case with today’s news from the United Kingdom, where those booze-loving Brits have invented a new, shatterproof pint glass, according to The Associated Press
That’s right: Limeys will still be able to get smashed, but their pint glasses won’t.
A proud British government unveiled the shatterproof glasses Thursday. Officials claimed the country would save billions in health care by coming up with a glass that doesn’t double as, you guessed it, a lethal weapon.

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Photo: Daily Mail
Professor Les Iversen (left), who has said cannabis is safer than most other drugs, is taking over as interim chairman of the U.K. Advisory Committee on the Misuse of Drugs after Professor David Nutt was sacked for saying — you guessed it! — that cannabis is safer than most other drugs.

​A retired Oxford professor who said marijuana was one of the “safer” drugs has become the United Kingdom’s chief drugs adviser — replacing a professor who was sacked for saying that marijuana is one of the safer drugs.

Pharmacology specialist Les Iversen has replaced David Nutt, who was sacked last October after saying cannabis was less harmful than alcohol and nicotine, and arguing that penalties against the herb had been upgraded to Class B for political reasons, reports James Slack at the Daily Mail.
Professor Iversen, who has served on the committee for five years, seems to share predecessor Nutt’s view that marijuana is just not that dangerous.
And after all, should it be that shocking that the world’s foremost experts on psychoactive drugs would have similar opinions regarding the relative safety of marijuana?

Photo: DEA
Spend those government checks wisely.

​A jailed marijuana grower in the United Kingdom was given a government “crisis” loan after his release from jail — which he then used to set up another pot farm.

Stephen Duxbury was jailed for six months for running an earlier cannabis grow operation. He completed his time in October 2008. But on March 31 this year, police raided the house he was renting (the reason for the search is unclear).
A search revealed 123 marijuana plants in various locations around the home. The plants were being grown using a hydroponic system and illegally diverted electricity, according to the Telegraph.
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