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​Almost two years after the law was passed, New Jersey lawmakers finally announced last week that the state’s medical marijuana program — the most restrictive medicinal cannabis law in the United States — would be fully functional sometime in 2012.

Gov. Chris Christie had issued a surprise announcement in July that the state would go forward with its often-stalled medical marijuana program, reports John Farley at Thirteen.
The Garden State’s medicinal cannabis program has been in transition for months now. In 2010, the State Senate passed the Compassionate Care Act, which required the state to license six medical marijuana dispensaries.
But even though an overwhelming 86 percent of New Jersey voters support medicinal cananbis, Christie put the program on hold, seeking assurance from federal officials that state marijuana workers and doctors would not be prosecuted, reported the Star-Ledger.

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Willie has never been shy about his continuing love for and frequent use of marijuana.

​Willie Nelson’s prosecutor in a Texas marijuana possession case may not be going along with the judge who rejected a plea deal struck with the country legend and sought harsher punishment.

Becky Dean-Walker, the judge in Willie’s pot case said the plea deal struck between Nelson and District Attorney C.R. Bramblett — in which the singer would have paid a $500 fine and the case would have gone away — smacked of leniency because of Nelson’s star status.
Judge Dean-Walker, sporting a garish vintage 1980s trailer-park hairdo, told the prosecutor to come up with a harsher punishment, with a maximum of one year in jail.
“There’s a strong possibility that the prosecutor will not recommend a stronger punishment, but instead just sit on the case until it’s dismissed for lack of prosecution,” reports TMZ.
“Call it defiant, but the prosecutor is riding a wave in Texas to treat marijuana possession for what it is… and not fill the overcrowded jails with recreational potheads,” TMZ wrote.