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Photo: Edmonton State Police/Edmonton Journal

​Three Australian men caught as they allegedly attempted to steal 9,000 marijuana plants from the police have been charged with theft.

Police wouldn’t confirm what was stored at the police logistics facility for security reasons, but the Herald Sun reports that the building contained marijuana plants confiscated in Victoria’s biggest drug bust.
The men were arrested after police claim they were caught breaking into the building about 10:15 p.m. on December 3.
The trio was apprehended during the break-in, and nothing was taken from the premises.

Photo: LEAP
Officer David Bratzer: “I will try to find other venues to present my views about drug policy”

​The BC Civil Liberties Association has filed a complaint against the Victoria Police Department for muzzling one of its officers, reports ‘A’ News.

Constable David Bratzer was scheduled to speak at a harm reduction meeting in Victoria Wednesday night representing the group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).
Bratzer says the War On Drugs is not winnable and is doing more harm than good.
But the Chief of the Victoria Police Department doesn’t want Bratzer to share those views.