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Chris Williams faces a mandatory minimum sentence of more than 90 years in federal prison

Courageous Caregiver Refuses Constitutional ‘Compromise’
By Kari Boiter
“I have decided to fight the federal government because for me, not defending the things that I know are right is dishonorable,” writes Chris Williams from his cell at Crossroads Correctional Center, a for-profit prison in Shelby, Montana. “Every citizen has a responsibility to fight for what is right, even if it seems like the struggle will be lost.”
Williams’ words are particularly poignant. As he writes from prison, he faces the near-certainty that he will spend the rest of his life locked away in an industrial-size cage. His crime? Providing medical marijuana to terminally ill and disabled patients authorized to use cannabis under Montana law. 
Williams co-owned Montana Cannabis, along with Tom Daubert, Chris Lindsey and Richard Flor. Daubert was a lobbyist who helped write Montana’s medical marijuana law; Lindsey was a former public defender; Flor was the first registered caregiver in Montana; and Williams was the consummate farmer. Together, these men established a “gold standard” for strict compliance with Montana law. 

Sons Of Bill Simmons
Ricky Williams doesn’t think weed jokes are funny.

‚ÄčNational Football League star Ricky Williams — caught multiple times for smoking weed — doesn’t think your weed jokes are funny. In fact, one of the reasons he doesn’t use Twitter much is the constant barrage of pot punchlines, the football hero tweeted on Friday. 

Williams, of the Baltimore Ravens, has quite a history with marijuana himself, reports Zach Wilt at the Baltimore Sports Report. The former Miami Dolphins running back supposedly “retired from football” after facing a whopping $650,000 fine for failing a piss test in December 2003 (his second such transgression), violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. 
After taking 2004 off, he returned to the Dolphins in 2005, but failed yet another drug test after the season, which this time earned him a 16-game suspension from the NFL (that’s a full year’s worth of games, for you non-football fans).
Williams at that point took his under-appreciated talents north to Canada and played for the Canadian Football League’s Toronto Argonauts. He claimed he “found himself” during this time and returned to Miami in 2007 while following a strict drug-test regimen imposed by the NFL.