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​Are California cities legally allowed to ban medical marijuana dispensaries? We may soon find out.

Legal briefs were filed Tuesday by patient advocates Americans for Safe Access (ASA) and California State Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) in an appellate court case that is expected to decide whether local governments can ban storefront distribution of medical marijuana.

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​The Long Beach, California City Council is moving towards passing rules for medical marijuana businesses, but some local dispensaries are worried that the balance is shifting too far in the direction of unnecessary regulation, like the ordinance recently passed in Los Angeles.

Carl Kemp, of the Kemp Group, which represents about 10 local dispensaries, said that supporters of medical marijuana collectives haven’t been allowed enough time for discussion and presentation with the City Council, reports Ryan ZumMallen at

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​The owner of a Fresno medical marijuana dispensary posted $5,000 bail and got out of jail Wednesday after he promised to show back up in Fresno County Superior Court for his arraignment on charges of violating a court order to stop selling pot.

Rick Morse, owner of the Medmar dispensary, was held in jail without bail following his Tuesday arrest on misdemeanor charges of selling marijuana after two judges ordered him not to do it, reports Pablo Lopez at The Fresno Bee.
Judge Donald Franson Jr. on Wednesday granted Morse’s request for bail so he could hire a lawyer for his February 18 arraignment.
Morse, 48, was defiant when he appeared in shackles at his first court appearance. He laughed when Judge Franson read him his rights and outlined the criminal charges against him.

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​Lawyers for five Dana Point, California medical marijuana dispensaries are asking an appeals court to reinstate their motion to avoid turning over company records, including financial data and patients’ names, to the city under a subpoena.
The Fourth District Court of Appeals has given the dispensaries until Tuesday to file a petition for an “extraordinary writ,” for which the pot shops are seeking an extension, reports Vik Jolly at The Orange County Register.
In its January 29 order, which took at least one dispensary attorney by surprise, the court found that the appeal in the “case is not from an appealable order” and deemed it an “extraordinary writ” petition.
That petition requires the pot shops to show that an Orange County Superior Court judge abused her discretion in issuing an order to enforce the city subpoena, according to attorney Lee Petros for the Point Alternative Care dispensary.

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Photo: Bryant Anderson/The Daily Triplicate
Sheriff’s Sgt. Steve Morris last year displayed some of the four pounds of marijuana seized during a traffic stop. On Friday, the pot was returned to its owner.

​Daniel Sosa went to Crescent City, California last Friday to pick up four pounds of marijuana.

He had a 2 p.m. appointment to pick up the stuff — at the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office.

“It seemed weird,” Sosa said. “I was worried they were going to arrest me again.”

If the pot looked familiar to Sosa, it was because it was the same weed that had been confiscated from him a year ago, during a routine traffic stop, reports Kurt Madar of The Daily Triplicate.


​A New Mexico medical marijuana patient battling cancer has been dropped by a state-licensed dispensary after he voiced his frustrations with the cannabis provider to the press.

Robert Jones, of Las Vegas, New Mexico, has been a qualified medical marijuana patient since November 2007, just after the state-licensed program began — but he has yet to get his hands on any medical marijuana.
When Jones spoke of his frustrations to the Santa Fe Reporter for a story last August, his licensed grower, Santa Fe Institute of Natural Medicine, terminated Jones’ membership, reports Alexa Schirtzinger.


​Medical marijuana advocates in Hawaii say it’s time to make it easier for patients in the state to have safe access to medicinal cannabis.

Ten years ago, Hawaii became the first state to legalize medical marijuana through the legislative process (California [1996], Oregon and Washington [1998] had already passed voter initiatives), but advocates say the the state program has failed to adapt to evolving patient needs, reports B.J. Reyes of the Honolulu Star Bulletin.
“We haven’t made any changes to our legislation since day one,” said Pam Lichty, president of the Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii and co-chairwoman of the Medical Cannabis Working Group, convened last year to study the state’s law and make recommendations to the Legislature.
The report from the working group, due this week, plans to make four recommendations:

Graphic: Out Front Colorado

​Dozens of medical marijuana dispensary owners lined up before daylight in Denver Monday to apply for their licenses. It was the first day the owners could apply for the required licenses under the city’s new regulatory scheme.

The new process includes several steps, including $5,000 in application and licensing fees, a background check with excludes felons, a required security plan, and fire and zoning inspections, reports KUSA-TV.
“At $5,000 a pop for the application/licensing, all we need is another 100,000 pot shops to open up in Denver and our budget crisis is solved,” wisecracked “PugMartin1,” one commenter on KUSA’s site.

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​District Attorney Mike Ramsey doesn’t want any marijuana dispensaries in Chico, California. He dislikes them so much, in fact, that he threatened to jail members of the city council if they allow the pot shops in town, reports Toni Scott of the Chico Enterprise Record.

Ramsey, who obviously doesn’t mind running his mouth and throwing his weight around, “warned” the councilors: “I want to make the distinction that you cannot authorize that which is illegal, legal.”
“If that which is illegal is authorized as legal, you can expect to see every one one of those city councilors in jail,” he said.
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