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Grilling stoned is now legal in Colorado.

Driving under the influence of marijuana has been illegal in Colorado well before Amendment 64 made the personal possession of an ounce of pot legal for adults 21 and up in that state. But with the newfound freedom to get legally stoned has come an increased push to curb stoned driving and to get the word out that Colorado cops will be writing marijuana DUIs.
But us stoners don’t really take to dry, government propaganda very well. So instead of simply handing out fliers with recreational pot purchases that will get tossed away as soon as the customer gets home and lights up a bowl, the Colorado Department of Transportation is trying their hand at a more comedic approach.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta loves his weed. Well, “Weed” documentary at least. The thing was a huge hit with his network, CNN, and it exposed millions to the medical benefits of this plant through the lens of a former marijuana opponent.
Now Gupta is back with “Weed 2: Cannabis Madness” – that documents the past few months of Gupta’s continued research into this “ancient plant” that helps so many patients.

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