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Sam Hodgson/Voice of San Diego
San Diego Mayor Bob Filner: “Stop targeted enforcement against marijuana dispensaries in the City of San Diego immediately”

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner announced end to code enforcement attacks by the city, agreed to develop regulatory ordinance
Advocates applauded the recent actions of San Diego Mayor Bob Filner in trying to put an end to the years-long crackdown on access to medical marijuana in the city.
Two days after announcing at a local chapter meeting of Americans for Safe Access (ASA) — the country’s largest medical marijuana grassroots advocacy group — that he was going to direct city authorities to stop shutting down dispensaries, Mayor Filner delivered on that promise by sending letters yesterday to San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne and Neighborhood Code Compliance Director Kelly Broughton.

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It’s official: Massachusetts is becoming the 18th medical marijuana state in the U.S.

Massachusetts voters Tuesday night approved a new law legalizing the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes by people with cancer, hepatitis C, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, glaucoma, HIV, AIDs, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis and other serious conditions.
Voters didn’t just approve the initiative. They, well, MASSively approved it by 63 percent to 37 percent, unequivocal landslide numbers equalling those of medical marijuana’s previous biggest victory — that one in Michigan.
The full text of the initiative, Question 3, is available here [PDF].

Where’s Weed?

Barring a miracle, all medical marijuana dispensaries will be banned from Long Beach, California on August 12.

Law enforcement officers gave an update on the city’s current medical marijuana law — which includes an exception allowing 18 dispensaries — during Tuesday’s City Council meeting, reports Jonathan Van Dyke at
The Council voted in February to ban collectives, with a six-month exemption for the dispensaries that had gone through a long and torturous approval process — even including a lottery, for Christ’s sake — for the past several years.
On Tuesday, the question was whether the city ever wanted to offer another extension to the existing dispensaries, or whether the initial six-month exemption was intended as a grace period for the shops to “wind down” operations.

Photo: Courtesy Don Skakie
Don Skakie, Yes End Penalties WA: “Removing marijuana penalties will not conflict with federal law”

​When it comes to cannabis law reform, what’ll it be, Washington? Your choices are YEP and NAW. (The respective acronyms stand for Yes End Penalties and New Approach Washington.)

The new kid on the block, Washington state cannabis reform group Yes End Penalties Washington (YEP WA), will announce a new marijuana legalization drive at 11 a.m. Thursday on the North Steps of the Legislative Building at the State Capitol in Olympia.

Initiative sponsor and Lacey City Councilman Ron Lawson will announce “Initiative to the Legislature 505,” which would remove cannabis-related civil and criminal penalties for adults in Washington state. Supporters of I-505 will speak at the event.
Yes End Penalties WA is inviting news media and interested members of the public to attend and compare YEP to NAW.
“Removing marijuana penalties will not conflict with federal law, avoiding preemption and empowering the people of Washington state to step away from the fear of speaking for cannabis reform and directing their legislators to create fair and evenhanded regulation that benefits the public, rather than special interest groups and based on fact and science, not misinformation or ‘reefer madness’ propaganda,” said YEP’s Don Skakie.

Photo: Adrian Rushton/Colchester Gazette

​There was some more ominous saber-rattling from federal drug warriors Wednesday as a U.S. Attorney strongly warned Oakland that big industrial marijuana farms are illegal, and that the Department of Justice is considering “civil and criminal legal remedies” if the city goes ahead with its plans to permit them.

In a letter [PDF] obtained by The Bay CitizenU.S. Attorney Melinda Haag warned that the DOJ is “concerned” about Oakland’s “licensing scheme that permits large-scale industrial marijuana cultivation and manufacturing as it authorizes conduct contrary to federal law and threatens the federal government’s efforts to regulate the possession, manufacturing, and trafficking of controlled substances.”
The central point of Haag’s letter was clear: Marijuana is illegal under federal law.

Photo: Eugene Davidovich
Eugene Davidovich on getting his weed back: “Will Ms. Dumanis ever stop going after medical marijuana patients and begin respecting state law?”

A judge Friday morning ordered the San Diego Police Department to return all property seized from medical marijuana patient and provider Eugene Davidovich, including the dried marijuana and concentrated cannabis seized more than a year ago, in February 2009.

“Although I don’t agree with this, I have no choice but to return the property of Mr. Davidovich,” said Judge David Szumowski. 
“After receiving a refusal from the District Attorney’s office to comply with our letter of demand for the return of all my property, today we were forced to spend more of our resources as well as the taxpayers’ resources on frivolous litigation caused by San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis’s bias and hate towards medical marijuana,” Davidovich said.
“Will Ms. Dumanis ever stop going after medical marijuana patients and begin respecting state law?” Davidovich asked.

Davidovich, the former defendant in a San Diego medical marijuana trial, said the office of  the District Attorney was wrongfully holding his belongings, despite his acquittal by a jury.
Eugene became a spokesman for local medical marijuana patients when his home was raided and four charges brought against him. According to Davidovich, the reason he had to go back to court to get his belongings is likely political.
Davidovich was one of 37 people charged with criminal offenses during Operation Endless Summer in 2008. He was unanimously found not guilty by a jury on March 25.

Photo: Eugene Davidovich
Eugene Davidovich: “I don’t know why I can’t get my property back”

​The former defendant in a San Diego medical marijuana trial says the office of District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis is wrongfully holding his belongings, despite his acquittal by a jury.

Eugene Davidovich, who became a spokesman for local medical marijuana patients when his home was raided and four charges brought against him, said the D.A.’s refusal to return his property is likely political, reports Hoa Quach at San Diego News Network.
“I dont’ know why I can’t get my property back,” Davidovich said. “I don’t understand but it seems to be politically-driven.”
Davidovich was one of 37 people charged with criminal offenses during Operation Endless Summer in 2008. He was unanimously found not guilty by a jury on March 25.
Despite his acquittal and repeated attempts to reclaim his property, Davidovich said his belongings haven’t been returned.
Attorney Michael McCabe contacted deputy district attorney Theresa Pham at least five times to obtain Davidovich’s belongings, to no avail. Finally, on Wednesday, McCabe sent a letter to Pham with the formal request.
“Since Mr. Davidovich was acquitted of all charges by the jury’s verdict on March 25, 2010, your office has no legitimate reason to continue to maintain possession of these items,” McCabe wrote in the letter. “Thus, under the express power conferred upon the Court by Penal Code 1536, these items must be returned to Mr. Davidovich.”

Graphic: Reality Catcher
See those two little red counties? Those are the heart of redneck California, ladies and gentlemen. Sutter and Colusa counties are the only two in the state still violating state law by refusing to issue medical marijuana ID cards.

​​Fourteen years after Californians voted to legalize the medicinal use of marijuana, two counties — in violation of state law — are still refusing to issue official identification cards to cannabis patients.

The Sutter County Board of Supervisors’ rejection of a plan Tuesday night left the county as one of only two in the state, along with Colusa County, without such a program, reports Howard Yune at the Yuba Appeal-Democrat.
Senate Bill 420, passed in 2003, directs California counties to issue ID cards to patients using medical marijuana with a doctor’s approval. Unfortunately, SB 420 doesn’t list specific sanctions against counties that refuse to do so.
The plan voted down by the myopically marijuana-phobic Sutter County supervisors was so reasonable, so middle of the road, that even the county sheriff endorsed it.

Photo: ^Berd
Happier days: Olympia, WA Mayor Pro Tem Joe Hyer in 2009

​Well, at least Olympia used to be cool.

Olympia, Washington Mayor Pro Tem and incoming Thurston County Treasurer Joe Hyer was arrested Thursday evening at his home on suspicion of marijuana trafficking, according to Thurston County Sheriff Dan Kimball.

Kimball said the mayor pro tem’s arrest is the result of a two-month investigation by the Thurston County Narcotics Task Force, undoubtedly flush with stimulus cash and hungry for more.