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Heather Mizeur.

Maryland Democratic Gov. Hopeful Heather Mizeur’s first outlined a $280 million plan to fund pre-k for 4-year-olds and half-day daycare for 3-year-olds back in October. At the time, she didn’t say how she would pay for it. Now we know, and some of you are probably really going to like this:
Mizeur announced late yesterday that she plans to propose legalizing and taxing recreational cannabis to help fund the state’s pre-kindergarten initiative.

A Brookland Girl

D.C. Councilman Claims Federal Prosecutor Won’t Let Them Decriminalize

D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray on Tuesday said District officials should focus on implementing the new medical marijuana program, but should also “keep open their options” when dealing with recreational users. But at least one member of the D.C. Council claims that a federal prosecutor won’t let the council decriminalize cannabis.

Currently, D.C. has the toughest marijuana penalties in the region, reports Tim Craig of The Washington Post.
First-time offenders possessing any amount of cannabis can get up to six months behind bars and a $1,000 fine. In next door Virginia, first time offenders caught with up to a half ounce of pot top out at just a month in jail and a $500 fine.

Photo: Howard County Police
Police said these marijuana plants were discovered in an Ellicott City, Maryland home after a fatal accident in which a car crashed into the home.

​Police in Maryland found an indoor marijuana farm while investigating a car crash in which a young driver plowed is vehicle into a man’s home.

Richard Marriott, 44, of Ellicott City, Maryland, was arrested Wednesday morning after cops found a cannabis growing operation in his home, report Yeganeh June Torbati and Larry Carson at The Baltimore Sun. Nearly 20 large pot plants, a hydroponic system, grow lights and other smaller plants were found, police claimed.
Cops and firefighters were investigating the scene after a 20-year-old driver, Bryan Bolster, crashed his BMW into Marriott’s home about 11 p.m. on December 10, causing part of the house to burst into flames. Witnesses told police that the car was being driven at a high rate of speed.


​​Here, dumb’s the bride?

A jury in Maryland has convicted a woman of burglary, assault and reckless endangerment for breaking into a neighbor’s house wearing “nothing but a bridal skirt and veil” — does that mean her boobs were out? — on a snowy night in February.

Thirty-three year old Melissa Wagaman testified in court Thursday that a combination of cold medicine and marijuana made her “hallucinate that she was getting married” and that her mother was locked in her neighbor’s basement, reports The Baltimore Sun.
Wagaman, in bridal get-up, head-butted a dining room window, causing shattered glass to cut an artery in her neighbor, Aaron Parrott’s arm.
The jury was having no part of defense arguments that Wagaman truly believed she needed to enter her neighbor’s house, and that she didn’t truly know she was endangering him.