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Graphic: Nick Stokes Design/Willamette Week

​Tenants of two public-housing agencies in Oregon have been told they cannot smoke medical marijuana in their apartments and houses.

The warnings have drawn a line for the first time as the federal government continues to apply pressure against medical marijuana in Oregon, reports Corey Paul at Willamette Week.
The public-housing agencies involved in the warnings are REACH Community Development and Home Forward, formerly known as the Housing Authority of Portland.

Photo: Jeff Chiu/AP
San Jose’s medical marijuana dispensaries paid $290,000 in taxes to the city for March — even though they are officially considered illegal

​San Jose, California now has its first month’s worth of marijuana tax in hand. “As of May 10, 73 medical marijuana collectives have remitted approximately $290,000 in taxes for the month of March,” the city announced on Friday.

Until the money was counted, nobody had been quite sure exactly how much San Jose’s medical marijuana tax might yield for the city’s empty coffers.

Starting March 1, San Jose slapped a seven percent tax on medical marijuana dispensaries under a measure city voters overwhelmingly approved last November. Even though San Jose officially considers all 100 or so of its dispensaries to be unlawful, pot providers are still required to pay the special marijuana tax to the cash-strapped city.

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Would you take your marijuana back away from Matt “The Law” Lindland if he stole it?

​“Ultimate Fighter” and former Republican political candidate Matt “The Law” Lindland is being sued for allegedly stealing six mature marijuana plants from a patient.

In a suit filed March 3 in Multnomah County Circuit Court in Oregon, plaintiff Gonzalo Aldana Gamboa says Lindland offered last year to let Gamboa grow cannabis under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program on Lindland’s property in Eagle Creek, reports James Pitkin at Willamette Week.
Gamboa registered the grow site with the state of Oregon and harvested six mature plants last October, according to the lawsuit. Lindland helped Gamboa load the plants into a U-Haul truck and told him he was moving them to his shed to dry, the suit says.

Photo: Jeff Chiu/AP
San Jose’s medical marijuana dispensaries are required to pay a new tax starting tomorrow — even though haven’t been declared legal yet.

​Even though San Jose, California considers all of its 100 or so medical marijuana dispensaries to be unlawful, city officials are still welcoming the pot providers to City Hall on Monday to talk about a new program which greatly interests the cash-strapped city: a marijuana tax.

Starting Tuesday, March 1, San Jose will slap a seven percent tax on marijuana dispensaries under a measure city voters overwhelmingly approved in November, reports John Woolfolk at the Silicon Valley Mercury News.
Most dispensary owners always assumed taxation would also mean legal acceptance, but now it appears the beleaguered providers will be catching it from both sides: they’re still subject to police raids at the same time they are responsible for paying taxes.

Photo: Torsten Kjellstrand/The Oregonian
The Cannabis Cafe had a six-month run in a space in North Portland’s Woodlawn neighborhood. It has since closed but could open in the city’s North Mississippi area as early as next month.

​Only six months after opening with worldwide publicity as a gathering place for users of medical marijuana — one of the first of its kind in Oregon, and maybe in the United States — Portland’s Cannabis Cafe has closed its doors.

Oregon NORML, the marijuana legalization group that ran the cafe, said the closure is only temporary and that it will reopen elsewhere, perhaps as early as next month, reports Matthew Preusch of The Oregonian.
​”It’s going to be business as usual,” said Madeline Martinez, executive director of the Oregon chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Oregon NORML).