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Photo: CNBC
Seattle welcomes Hempfest every year… but pot busts have gone UP after voters told police to make marijuana their lowest enforcement priority — even though the city attorney won’t prosecute pot cases!

​Please welcome well-known pot blogger and YouTube personality Primo to Toke of the Town. He’s got a few things he wants to say about Hempfest and Seattle! ~ Steve Elliott, Editor
The Emerald City is all abuzz about Hempfest this weekend, August 21 and 22.
The forecast is classic Seattle weather, overcast and 65 degrees, ideal for outdoors.
In the meantime, many of us Seattleites are wondering why so many tokers are being busted on our streets. The current arrest rate of almost 29 per month is almost triple the arrest rate of last year and almost four times the rate in 2004.