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​What do you look for when choosing a medical marijuana dispensary?

If you live in one of the 16 states where medicinal cannabis is legal, Dispensary Business News is interested in how you select a shop. Is it price? Location? Ambience? Selection? Specific strains? (If your state doesn’t yet allow medical marijuana, keep working until they do.)
This is a good way for you to help keep the best dispensaries in business, and give new ones a fighting chance to win your business.

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New York City is the world “leader” in marijuana arrests. And if you don’t have bail money, you could be spending a couple of weeks in jail for a misdemeanor offense.

​Thousands of people charged with low-level marijuana “crimes” in New York City spend days in jail for these misdemeanors, not because they have been found guilty, but because they are too poor to post bail, according to a report released on Friday.

And faced with the choice of pleading guilty and getting out of jail, or fighting the charges and staying behind bars while awaiting trial, many of the defendants choose to plead guilty, the report said.

The report, which examines the bail conditions for people charged with non-felonies like smoking marijuana in public or jumping a subway turnstile, found the overwhelming majority of defendants in cases in which the bail was set at $1,000 or less were unable to pay and were sent to jail — where they remained, on average, for more than two weeks, reports Mosi Secret at The New York Times.