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The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has announced it considers all sales of marijuana to be illegal — whether they are for profit or not, and whether they are for medical use or not, despite the fact that medicinal cannabis has been legal in California for 15 years.

In response to questions regarding a search warrant served on half-a-dozen collectives and more than a dozen other locations and persons on November 8, Sheriff’s Lt. David Doyle told Greggory Moore at the Long Beach Post that “the CUA and MMPA do not authorize sales of marijuana,” and therefore all cash-for-cannabis transactions are illegal.

DEA agent Tuesday morning at Seattle Cannabis Co-op’s location in the Rainier neighborhood

​Federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents raided medical marijuana collectives in Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Puyallup, Rochester, and Lacey, Washington, as a coordinated raid swept across the Puget Sound region on Tuesday.

Patient advocates and legal defense groups report that at least nine dispensaries have been raided, according to The Seattle Times. Ben Livingston of the patient advocacy group Cannabis Defense Coalition said he’s spoken with several dispensary owners and defense attorney Aaron Pelley, who confirmed raids were occurring.

“I’m in shock because now I have no pain medicine,” said patient Cameron Christenson outside of Seattle Cannabis Co-op on Rainer Avenue, reports David Rose at Q13 Fox News. “I can think of 100 crack houses in town — why don’t you go raid those?”

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​Even as protesters decrying how out of touch bankers are with everyday Americans are occupying Wall Street, home of America’s banking industry, many financial institutions in states where medical marijuana is legal are refusing to do business with cannabis dispensaries.

Sixteen states and the District of Columbia have legalized medicinal marijuana, but possession or sale of cannabis for any use is still illegal under federal law. It is this disconnect that is giving rise to an unwillingness on the part of many banks to do business with the marijuana collectives.
The banks fear that federal regulators will target them, reports Kathryn Glass at Fox Business, because the federal government says that banks which do business with dispensaries are supporting activities that are illegal under federal law.

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​Running out of cannabis while you’re traveling isn’t just a discomfort, if you’re a medical marijuana patient — it can be a threat to your health. Now there’s a way to not only find cannabis dispensaries while you’re on the road — you can also compare them based on hours, popular strains, promotions and many more categories, if you live in one of the seven medical marijuana states where the service is available. recently added a Medical Marijuana Dispensary Comparison that allows patients in seven states (California, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon and Rhode Island) to find and compare dispensaries.

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The “medicine wheel” at Ben Reagan’s dispensary, The C.P.C., is used to demonstrate for patients the continuum between sativa and indica varieties of medicinal cannabis.

Co-Founder, The C.P.C.

Choosing alternative medicine such as medical cannabis is a big decision, and one you probably took a long time to make.  Now that you’re here, and whether or not you were previously a cannabis user, there are a few things you should know about dispensaries (also known as collectives) to ensure that you get the quality of life improvement and medical benefits you’re looking for.
Here are five tips to help get you started on your new journey.

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Super Lemon Haze medical marijuana at the 3rd Coast Compassion Center in Ypsilanti, Michigan. 3rd Coast just became the first municipally licensed dispensary in the state.

​A medical marijuana center in Ypsilanti has become the first in Michigan to receive a dispensary license from a local municipality.

The 3rd Coast Compassion Center, which was also the state’s first medical marijuana dispensary to open its doors in late 2009, received its licensed from the City of Ypsilanti in May, reports Tom Perkins of
The dispensary, located at the corner of Hamilton and Pearl streets in Ypsilanti, was open prior to the city establishing zoning ordinances and a licensing process. It was the first allowed to submit its application for a license.
Michigan patients, caregivers, law enforcement and civil authorities are still sorting out whether or not dispensaries are legal in the state since the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act was approved by an overwhelming 63 percent of voters in November 2008. Opponents argue that nothing in the law allows the centers to exist, but medical marijuana advocates argue they are acting within the law, saying that nothing in the act says they can’t operate.

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​The Washington Legislature’s main proponent of legalizing and licensing medical marijuana dispensaries announced on Tuesday that the attempt has failed. Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles said even her most recent, scaled-back bill won’t go forward.

Kohl-Welles called it “the greatest disappointment of my legislative career,” reports Jordan Scrader at the Tacoma News Tribune.

Her first try regulating the pot shops — which have already sprung up statewide, especially in the Seattle and Spokane areas — was gutted by Governor Christine Gregoire, who hen-heartedly claimed she was concerned about state employees being federally prosecuted, even though that has never happened, even once, in any state which licenses dispensaries.

Photo: Jessica Nuna
This photo was taken by an employee inside Medical Herb Providers dispensary in Spokane, Washington during the raid

​One Drug Enforcement Administration agent, accompanied by about a dozen Spokane Police officers, on Wednesday raided at least three medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington state.

Medical Herb Providers (MHP), Essence of Mother Earth and Alternative MMD were all raided separately, reports Curtis Cartier at the Seattle Weekly.
According to Jessica Nuna of MHP, by the time law enforcement left that shop, they had taken about 32 cannabis plants, $1,400 in cash, several ounces of dried marijuana flowers and several laptop computers, cellphones and other electronic devices.

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So American Express won’t allow customers to use their cards to purchase medicinal cannabis? Screw them.

​According to multiple sources at medical marijuana dispensaries, American Express will no longer process transactions from cannabis businesses.

“Please be advised that American Express will no longer allow transactions to be processed at Medical Marijuana dispensaries,” read one email notice from The Farmacy dispensary in West Hollywood, reports LA Snark. “This is a policy change made by American Express, nationwide.”
According to the email, dispensaries are still able to process transactions with MasterCard, Discover and VISA.
The Farmacy told Ana Kasparian at web news show The Young Turks that, beginning last Saturday, April 30, every time they swiped a patient’s American Express card, the transaction would be declined. 
American Express allegedly told personnel at The Farmacy that they have “new guidelines” that came out this year, one of which says they will no longer allow American Express customers to use their cards for medical marijuana purchases.

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​Vermont senators voted overwhelmingly 25-4 on Thursday to legalize medical marijuana dispensaries in the state.

“We will protect patients by providing a legal source,” said state Sen. Jeanette White (D-Windham), reports Terri Hallenbeck at the Burlington Free Press.
Vermont already has a medical marijuana law, passed in 2004, which allows those with qualifying conditions to sign up for the state’s medical marijuana registry and use the drug legally. This bill would give those patients a legal way to buy marijuana if they don’t grow it themselves, according to White.