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The government would rather see pot smokers homeless.

Despite Colorado having passed legislation to legalize limited amounts of marijuana for recreational use for adults 21 and up, some residents remain victimized by lingering, antiquated pot laws. Indeed, the purgatory between a progressive state law and federal prohibition have continued to wreak havoc on residents like 87-year-old Lea Olivier, who was recently evicted from federal housing after an inspector claimed to smell weed. Now, she has less than two weeks to find a new place to live.

Ever since the legitimized cannabis commerce became a reality in the United States, pot peddlers and other weed-slinging warriors in the medicinal and recreational sector have been challenged to track down lenders that do not have gnawing fear of being gang raped in a federal penitentiary to help finance their ventures. This is because traditional banking institutions have flat-out-refused to walk that fine line where the possibility exists that Uncle Sam could show up at their front door, label them money launderers, and then cart the president of the bank off to the nearest tattoo parlor to have a set of giant set of tits branded across his shoulders.
It is for this reason that unconventional lending services have become increasingly more attractive for ganjapreneurs scouring the planet for someone willing to give them a small business loan. And while the majority of these lenders typically market themselves as stiff collared elitists with a nubby chubby for dicey business deals, the newest lender to emerge on the scene pulls no punches regarding its intentions – it aims to profit by lending money to sleazy bastards all across the nation.

Delaware is known for having some of the most obscene and outdated pot laws in the United States, with possession of even small amounts of the ganja punishable by up to six months in jail and a fine up to $1,150. Not only is this powdered wig injustice smearing the permanent records of many citizens who would not otherwise have a criminal history, but in most cases, these people cannot even afford the proper legal council to give them a fighting chance in court.
Fortunately, attorney Thomas Donovan maintains the belief that petty pot offenders should not have to shell out big bucks for a solid legal defense, which is why he now offers free legal services to stoners.

Maciej A. Czyzewski/Commons.

The Russian police would probably prefer to keep the buzz surrounding their latest sting operation from being exploited around the world for the sake of cheap entertainment, but let’s face it, the Cold War is over and those bastards are just as much fair game as any other dimwitted law enforcement agency out there getting their narco-hinnies kicked by the occupational hazards of a drug war.


For some people, owning a home is one of their lifelong aspirations, only second to living out the rest of their days stoned to the bone in a legal marijuana state. Indeed, this level of paradise seems relatively easy to achieve these days, especially since an increasing number of states have voted to legalize the leaf for medical and recreational use.
Unfortunately, the problem some folks are running into, shortly after the last piece of furniture has been pulled off the U-Haul, is that some neighbors are not very pot-friendly and more than willing to file a complaint with the homeowners association the moment the first puff of pot smoke crosses the fence.

Alex E. Proimos/Flickr.

The United States government has been getting the average citizen all liquored up and stoned for the past year, and then putting them behind the wheel in the name of high science.
The National Institute on Drug Abuse, the federal agency that earlier this year, predicted legalized marijuana would come with severe consequences, recently set out to determine the effects of alcohol and marijuana on those motorists who engage in white knuckle, red-eyed behavior along the great American landscape.

The narks of the social media have reared their ugly heads and set their crossed-eyed sights on purging Americans’ newsfeeds of vital information regarding the medicinal properties of marijuana. To be more specific, there is some meathead Ivy Leaguer who considers himself an “Internet Deputy,” fighting from behind his computer to shutdown an established Facebook group dedicated to spreading the good word of patients medicating with cannabis oil.

Toke of the Town.

An Alabama political leader did what any good old boy from the anti-pot Bible belt would have done if caught with a marijuana grow operation on their property – he up and quit, y’all.
A report released earlier this week by The Gadsden Times verified that 52-year-old John Lloyd Ellis resigned from his position as the Cherokee County Republican party chairman after getting busted last Friday growing dope in his backyard. The big dog, State party chairman Bill Armistead says Ellis has since severed all ties with the Alabama GOP, and that the party wishes to refrain from issuing any further comments about the incident. “We will allow legal and judicial system to follow its course,” said Armistead.

“Hey guys, wanna dress up like Army men today?”

When a California SWAT team violently kicked down the door of an unsuspecting residence last year in South Salinas, officers marched in armed with a search warrant in one hand and assault weapons in the other. Yet, none of them found it strange that their mission involved torturing a retired couple and their underage granddaughter rather than a savage drug dealer. That was their first mistake, because once the smoke cleared and the screams of the innocent family finally ended, the commanding officer realized his team had mistakenly raided the wrong house.
Of course, this greasy incident and back-biting rape on civil rights did not settle well with the owners of the house, Alberto and Martha Alvarado, who have since filed a lawsuit in federal court in hopes of putting the shriveled balls of the Gilroy and Morgan Hill Police Departments in a tight vice for brutalizing their family with “excessive and unjustified force.