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Jack’s Timeline of the History of Cannabis

By Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town

Northern California Correspondent

Your Higher Power provides Cannabis to the Earth.
2737 BCE:  Shen Nung’s Pen Ts’ao, in China, refers to Cannabis as a “superior” herb in the world’s first medical text, or pharmacopoeia.
For the next several thousand years, Cannabis and Hemp are utilized in almost every major civilization in the Old World including everything from paper to sails.
1632 AD, America gets a new cash crop when the Pilgrims bring Cannabis to the New World in their carry-on luggage.
1776 AD: Declaration of Independence drafted on hemp paper.

Weed Quotes
Richard Branson, Virgin Group: “[T]he war on drugs has failed, and … what we need to do is treat drugs as a health problem, not as a criminal problem”

​Richard Branson Joins Powerful Group That Includes Sting, Arianna Huffington, Russell Simmons, Former Heads of State, and Former U.S. Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Surgeon General, Attorney General and Chairman of the Federal Reserve
Virgin Group founder and social entrepreneur Richard Branson has joined the Honorary Board of the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), the U.S.-based organization that is fighting for alternatives to current drug policy that are grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights.

Jon Rawlinson/The Global Digital

​Reefer madness is alive and well in the South Pacific. The French high commissioner in French Polynesia has announced that “a large part” of the crime in the island territory is “linked to marijuana.”
That’s right, folks. Never mind alcohol or other drugs, it’s that damn wacky weed that’s making ’em crazy — at least, if we’re talking about government officials.
High Commissioner Richard Didier (who should really try living up to his title), made the comments as authorities revealed that last year 67,000 cannabis plants were dug up and seized by law enforcement authorities, reports Radio New Zealand International.

​The effort to legalize marijuana in Michigan will be officially underway in two weeks. 

The 2012 Michigan Ballot Initiative to End Marijuana Prohibition, sponsored by a grassroots group named Repeal Today For A Safer Michigan 2012, hopes to give the voters a chance to decide for themselves next November, reports Ryan J. Stanton at
“We do have language written and petitions getting ready,” said RTFASM supporter T.J. Rice on Wednesday afternoon.
The petition seeks to amend the Michigan state constitution to legalize marijuana for people 21 and older.

Charles Dhaparak/AP
Iowa state Senator Kent Sorenson speaks at a rally for Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul on Wednesday at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines

​People are talking about rats abandoning sinking ships. Michelle Bachmann’s Iowa Presidential campaign chairman has switched to rival Ron Paul’s political camp — and the switch could have been prompted by his conviction on a marijuana charge back when he was 20 years old.

Iowa state Senator Kent Sorenson‘s history was uncovered by the Des Moines Register last year when he was a candidate in Iowa’s 37th District campaign for the Legislature. The paper dug up the old marijuana conviction, reports Anissa Ford at Huliq.
Sorenson was snared in 1992 in a penny-ante undercover drug sting where he purchased one-eighth ounce of marijuana for $30 “with intent to deliver.” He was handed a six-month suspended sentence. He was also ordered to spend three to five days in jail for the misdemeanor offense, and had to pay a $300 fine.

Medical Marijuana Blog

​The “Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act,” which would let seriously ill Wisconsin residents use marijuana to treat their illnesses, has again been introduced to the state Legislature.

The bill, LRB-2466/1,  introduced at a Wednesday press conference by sponsor Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Madison), would allow patients to grow small amounts of marijuana to treat specific conditions, as well as permit the establishment of regulated and licensed cultivation and distribution centers within the state.
Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-Waunakee) is co-sponsoring the bill in the Wisconsin Senate. A similar bill was introduced last session but did not pass. Now Republicans control both the Senate and the Assembly and political observers say it’s unlikely to pass this time, either.
Rep. Pocan was joined on Wednesday by patients and medical professionals who support the right to have safe access to medicinal cannabis.

Big Buds
Police shut down the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam today. It will be relocated and is still a “go.”

​The 24th annual High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, for the first time in its history, has been raided by Dutch police. According to reports, attendees were searched as they left the event.

The unprecedented raid comes as a wave of more conservative cannabis policies and attitudes engulfs the Netherlands.

In a video posted to YouTube, police can be heard announcing the event was being shut down and that attendees are subject to search, reports High Times. Vendors were asked to remain at their booths while attendees left.
High Times has announced that the event will continue Wednesday night with a scheduled concert at the Melkweg a concert hall in Amsterdam, followed by a full day of the expo — including Cannabis Cup voting — at the Borchland (Borchlandweg) on Thursday, the final day of the competition.

Graham Lawyer Blog

​Washington state marijuana advocates who are concerned about a cannabis DUI provision in I-502, a legalization bill backed by ACLU offshoot New Approach Washington, last week got some backing from a local medical doctor.

Dr. Gil Mobley, who runs a clinic catering to medical marijuana patients in Federal Way, a suburb of Seattle, said he recently tested several patients and found they passed cognitive tests even with THC concentrations of up to 47 nanograms per milliliter (47 ng/ml), reports Jonathan Martin at The Seattle Times. Nearly four hours after one patient medicated, they still tested at 6 ng/ml, according to Dr. Mobley.
“I told them they’d be legally unable to drive if this law passes,” Dr. Mobley said. “It’s philosophically, morally and legally wrong.”

Punk Rock Gypsy
Arise Roots, an up and coming reggae band from L.A., will headline the No More Drug War rally in Los Angeles on Thursday, November 3.

​The international movement against the War On Drugs will convene at Levitt Pavilion in historic MacArthur Park, Los Angeles, on Thursday, November 3, for the largest-ever “No More Drug War” mass protest.

Hundreds of people will gather to acknowledge this year’s 40th anniversary of Nixon’s declaring a War On Drugs, demand health-centered alternatives, and celebrate this incredible diverse moment. The event will acknowledge the violence in Mexico, California’s mass incarceration crisis, and the nation’s overdose epidemic, among other topics.
The rally and concert will feature a host of gourmet food trucks, live reggae music by Arise Roots, spoken word artists, youth performers, and international reform leaders — most prominently Javier Sicilia, the Mexican poet who lost his son to Drug War violence and who is now leading a mass movement against the Drug War that brings tens of thousands to the streets of Mexico.
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