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When your father is a former Major General with the Kuwait army, you might think that growing a few dozen pot plants on your roof would go unnoticed.
You would be wrong, however. According to the Arab Times, a Kuwaiti man was arrested for marijuana cultivation after neighbors narc’d on the rooftop garden that had been fenced in with tall corrugated plastic sheeting.

(U.S. Air Force photo illustration by Tech. Sgt. Michael R. Holzworth)

One of the darkest examples of the consequences of cannabis prohibition is the rise in recent years of synthetic marijuana alternatives, such as the all-too-popular brand K2, or “Spice”.
Although these so-called “synthetic cannabinoids”, intended to simulate the effects of real weed, are already banned in many states, and have been the focus of several high-profile DEA raids of late, the creators of the chemical mixtures simply alter their recipes ever so slightly to sidestep law enforcement and prosecution.

Big photos and more below.

It was a Happy Halloween at Lightshade Labs, judging by this photo from the store’s Facebook page. But it’s probably an even happier March, since two Lightshade branches are among the latest shops licensed by the City of Denver to sell recreational marijuana. In the two-plus weeks since our last update, Denver has okayed seven more stores, bringing the official total to 54. All of them are included here in this list compiled by Westword’s Michael Roberts, along with photos, videos, links and excerpts from reviews of the ones visited by Westword marijuana critic William Breathes. Count them down below.

Medical marijuana in Maryland has been a mess ever since they passed their highly restrictive “pilot program” last year. See, the program would only allow state university medical programs to dole out the ganja, and even then it had to be part of a larger clinical trial. In theory, that might have worked. But the reality is that none of the universities want anything to do with it. Basically, medical marijuana didn’t exist in Maryland.
But a new bill approved by the state House yesterday would allow physicians to recommend medical cannabis to patients with certain conditions. Patients would get their herb from a licensed grower.

The Mile High City.

Legal marijuana sales have been going on in Colorado now for just about two months, and so far the sky hasn’t fallen. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Marijuana taxes are pumping money into state coffers and (despite high prices) the shops have all operated without any federal intervention.
Want to know which ones are open and what they are like? Our friends at the Denver Michael Roberts at the Denver Westword has been compiling a list of all 47 recreational dispensaries in the city so far, including links to reviews of most of the shops themselves. Page down for more.

The Baton Rouge Advocate doesn’t seem to care much about reality. Reporter Ellyn Couvillion’s post today on an ongoing study at Louisiana State University today claims a link between anxiety and “marijuana addiction” when there is no actual link whatsoever.
Frankly, the “study” lost us when it claimed that there are 4.5 million people in the U.S. “addicted” to marijuana. Someone should tell the researchers that they can’t really establish credibility after completely blowing it out of the water from the start.

When most people think of Jamaica, the first two things that come to mind are usually relaxing reggae music and killer cannabis. Yet, even though weed is widely accepted in public on the irie isle and brings in big tourism dollars, smoking marijuana is still technically illegal in Jamaica.
In an attempt to capitalize on a rise in support for marijuana decriminalization, organizations like the Ganja Law Reform Coalition and the Rastafari Millennium Council are making a push to convince the Jamaican government to end 100 years of prohibition on the marijuana plant.

Update 6/21/2013: Well, it seems the small success that hemp advocates saw yesterday was short lived. The House rejected the farm bill with the hemp amendment that would have allowed for universities to grow and study the plant.
Not only that, but it seems it was purely symbolic, considering Colorado Rep. Jared Polis – who sponsored the amendment – ended up voting against the farm bill as a whole. Don’t you just love the American government system sometimes?

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