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“Hello Brooklyn”.

Despite Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson announcing last week that his office will no longer prosecute cases for low-level marijuana possession, the New York Police Department says it is business as usual when it comes to busting stoners in the streets of the Big Apple.
Just days after Thompson received praise from marijuana proponents for taking a stand against the war on drugs and its fierce efforts to lure non-violent offenders, especially those of African American decent, into the criminal justice system, police commissioner Bill Bratton emerged with a subsequent statement demanding officers to ignore the new policy.

When attempting to smuggle marijuana across town in your damned underwear, it is probably in your best interest to avoid packing a semi-automatic heater as well as making the choice to not wear weed-related apparel.
This is apparently a common sense lesson in cannabis that one South Carolina man just had to learn the hard way. According to the Rock Hill Police Department, 26-year-old Kim Leonard Grafton Jr. was busted earlier this week after officers discovered over forty baggies of marijuana stuffed in his underpants after a traffic stop.

Serve and protect? Really?

A Minnesota SWAT team on a brainwashed mission to rid the world of yet another non-violent drug user has tipped the scales of injustice and inhumanity by brutally killing a family’s pets while executing a no-knock search warrant on their St. Paul residence.
The twisted, domestic infantry marched up to the home belonging to Larry Lee Arman and his girlfriend Camille Perry early Wednesday morning and used brute force to bust down the front door while the family slept inside. “I was laying right here, and I really thought I was being murdered,” Larry Lee Arman told KMSP Fox 9. “I don’t want to say by who. I thought it was like, the government.”

When a member of stoned society makes the decision to travel with a small stash of weed, he or she has made a risky decision to tug at the short-and-curlies of law enforcement and challenge them to a drug war duel. It’s simple, you are trying to make your way across town to get stoned with your buddies, and the meathead police are trying to stop you from having a good time. The whole goddamned scenario is essentially what would happen if the reality police show ‘Cops’ and a video game such as ‘Grand Theft Auto’ had a one night nipple twisting lust fest and nine months later, one of them popped a bastard love child. That’s exactly what trying evade law enforcement while smuggling dope is: a spontaneous fling between the asshole of reality and a program that can be learned and ultimately, beaten like a borrowed mule. Here are 7 tips for how to do that shit right the first time.

Life’s a beach, and then you’re high. This was perhaps the credo of a group of young New York City lifeguards who were busted smoking weed over the Independence Day holiday while they sat in a car during their lunch break.
Reports indicate that six city beach attendants had apparently gone off on a Fourth of July safety meeting when a nosey officer with the New York City Police Department swooped in and caught them giving a demonstration on how to resuscitate a drowning joint – just in case it gets fish lipped, we suppose.

Stoners using Twitter to spread the good word of the ganja may be influencing the youth of America to get high on marijuana. At least this appears to be the consensus of a recent study from the Washington University School of Medicine, which finds that social media messages pertaining to marijuana are reaching hundreds of thousands children in the United States every day.

It never ceases to amaze us the despicable lengths law enforcement officers are willing to go through to establish probable cause for a search. Throughout the years, we have heard horror stories about these bullheaded, sarcastic bastards using every ridiculous means possible to destroy the property of citizens in hopes of making a big drug bust. Fortunately, there are those particularly interesting situations in which despite the officer’s raging hard on and gnashing teeth, the search comes up empty handed and a lawsuit follows.
That is exactly the deep shit situation a pair of Utah state troopers have found themselves drowning in ever since giving 54-year-old Sherida Felders a savage roadside shakedown based on her possession of air fresheners, religious paraphernalia and a couple packages of beef jerky. Now, two law enforcement weasels are left wishing they had never messed with a citizen as litigious as she is God-fearing.

Myles J. Ambrose, one of the paranoid forefathers of the American drug war, died earlier this month at the age of 87 in Leesburg, Virginia. Although, throughout the years, there was speculation that bookies were taking wagers on who would be the first to dance on Ambrose’s grave: a prominent Mafia family or a Mexican drug cartel, in the end it was a heart attack that led to his demise.


If you’re a longtime toker, you’ve probably been there: bag of weed is empty, resin in the pipes is charred out and you’ve got to find something to puff on. Maybe you didn’t always maintain your personal integrity while scouring the city streets looking to score a bag of grass, we get it.
But while some of us are guilty of our fair share of shady and sometimes morally-skewed indiscretions as a result of the search for more ganja, it’s still weed and pot users aren’t normally doing crackhead-like things to get their fix like shaking down an elderly funeral home director. Or, at least that’s what we thought.

There is an imbecilic group of conservatives currently humping the political landscape of Montana in hopes of persuading the local yokels into outlawing marijuana across the state.

Earlier last week, the collaborative effort between anti-cannabis group Safe Montana and a shifty-eyed car salesman by the name Steve Zabawa won approval from the Secretary of State to begin collecting signatures for their petition, Initiative 174, aimed at banning the use and possession of all Schedule I substances deemed illegal under the Federal Controlled Substances Act — including medical marijuana.