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Mexican soldiers stand guard, pretending they don’t have a buzz as bales of marijuana go up in smoke

​It seems that top Mexican officials, weary of their bloody and protracted drug war, have been been subtly pushing the U.S. for some time to seriously consider marijuana legalization. Now, with the sitting president calling for a debate, it’s not so subtle anymore.

Responding to out-of-control violence related to the illegal drug trade, Mexican President Calderon on Tuesday said he is open to a debate on the legalization of marijuana and other drugs.
​Calderon called the increasingly widespread public discussion of legalization “a fundamental debate.”

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​A new U.S. government study finds a 400 percent increase in the number of people admitted to hospital emergency rooms for abusing prescription pain medication such as hydrodocone, oxycodone, and morphine.

Even with the wide popularity of prescription medication, pain pills remained the second most common type of illicit drug use in the United States in 2008, according to the study. While more than six million Americans admitted to abusing prescription painkillers in the month before the survey, more than double that amount — 15.2 million people — said they had used good old marijuana.

The increase in pill abuse among those 12 and older was recorded during the decade from 1998 to 2008. It crosses every gender, race, ethnicity, education and employment level, and all regions of the country, according to The Associated Press.
According to the study, seven of the top ten drugs reported abused by 12th graders are prescription drugs, reports the Dakota Voice.

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Marijuana — 1.5 tons of it — was found inside this tanker car in L.A. suburb Commerce, California.

​A late-night police chase ended with a big pot bust and the discovery Monday of 3,000 pounds of marijuana concealed in a railroad tank car that came into the United States from Mexico this month, reports Nardine Saad of The Associated Press.

Numerous bundles of cannabis weighing up to 50 pounds each were removed from the gooey inside of the petroleum rail tanker by late morning Monday, and many more packages were still inside, according to police Detective Gus Villanueva.

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Paris tokes it up last month outside Teddy’s, a popular Hollywood nightclub. Her weed-sucking ways have now gotten her in trouble in South Africa.

​Paris Hilton was arrested Friday in South Africa for possession of marijuana, but a court there has dropped charges against the socialite.

Hilton appeared late Friday in a FIFA World Cup courtroom in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, after being arrested on suspicion of possessing cannabis at a football game between Brazil and the Netherlands, reports Andrew Dampf of The Associated Press.
Neither Hilton nor court officials said anything at her court appearance around midnight local timed. She was quickly led away to another room, according to a reporter on the scene.

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“Dude… I am soooo high.” (Or the local equivalent.) Men smear colored powder on each other’s faces during celebrations of Holi, the Hindu spring festival of color.

​They’re getting that old time religion in northern India, as the annual Holi festival, an extravagant Hindu spring celebration of colors, is observed with potent marijuana milk shakes.

The festival, celebrated in March each year (the exact date depends on the lunar calendar), is an occasion during which men, women and children play wildly with water guns and colored powder,  according to The Observers. And the fact that “bhang thandai,” an almond-flavored milk shake blended with cannabis, is a prominent part of the celebration doesn’t hurt the festive atmosphere one bit.

​The federal government just released the latest ‘Monitoring The Future‘ survey of teen drug use, and as Bruce Mirken over at the Marijuana Policy Project wrote, “the results do not bode well for current policies.”

In the past 30 days, more high school seniors smoked marijuana (20.6 percent) than smoked tobacco (20.1 percent), according to the survey.
In 2009, marijuana use in the prior 12 months was reported by about 12 percent of the nation’s 8th graders, 27 percent of 10th graders, and 33 percent of 12th graders.
While teen marijuana use is slightly up, it’s in the same general range it’s been in for years; meanwhile, teen tobacco use continues to decline, and has dropped precipitously since 1990.
“Regulation of tobacco, combined with solid educational campaigns, has clearly cut youth access to cigarettes,” Mirken said, “It’s time for officials to take off their blinders and apply those same proven policies to marijuana.”
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