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Patient advocate Carl Olsen: “That creates an obligation on the part of the state to move forward and do something about it”

​A Des Moines man involved in the effort to legalize medical marijuana in Iowa said he plans to petition the Iowa Board of Pharmacy to write rules allowing the use of the herb medicinally. Carl Olsen’s comments followed House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s Monday announcement the Legislature has dropped plans to have a committee study the issue.

McCarthy said it appears that according to the Iowa Code, it is the board’s duty, not that of the Legislature, to write the medical marijuana rules. According to Olsen, the matter could wind up in the courts, reports Pat Curtis at Radio Iowa.
“The question in the judicial review would be whether (the pharmacy board) has a duty to make the rules,” Olsen said. “McCarthy seems to be saying they do and he’s an attorney.”


​A panel of self-styled “marijuana experts” threw a real scare into addiction counselors Wednesday, as they described the alleged “dangers of medical marijuana” using their time honored tactics of distortion, misinformation, propaganda, thinly veiled hysteria, fear tactics, and outright lies.

The 9th Annual Conference on Addictive Disorders at the Harborside Event Center in Fort Myers, Florida, brought together substance abuse counselors in workshops on mental health treatment, gambling compulsion, domestic violence and the use of prescription drugs, reports McKenzie Cassidy at the Cape Coral Daily Breeze.
And long-time, rabid anti-drug zealot Calvina Fay, executive director of the Drug Free America Foundation (formerly the notoriously abusive Straight Inc.) and the St. Petersburg-based Save Our Society From Drugs lobbying group (along with 100+ other subsidiary groups, thus giving the illusion of “consensus”), was in fine form, sharing her irrational pot phobia with the sympathetic, well-heeled crowd.

Photo: Patients for Medical Cannabis
One of Iowa’s biggest crops may be headed towards becoming one of its best medicines

​The Iowa Board of Pharmacy voted unanimously Wednesday afternoon to recommend that the Legislature reclassify marijuana in a way that would open the door to medical uses.

The board recommended that Iowa lawmakers move cannabis from Schedule I, for which there are no permitted uses, to Schedule II, which allows medical uses, reports Tony Leys at the Des Moines Register.
Also recommended by the board was the creation of a state task force, including patients, medical professionals and law enforcement officers, to devise a way to safely implement a medical marijuana program in Iowa.

Will Foster, victim of the war on medical marijuana patients

​Medical marijuana patient Will Foster, who once faced 93 years in prison for growing pot in his closet, is now a free man, according to the Drug War Chronicle.

Foster was released on parole from an Oklahoma prison today, adding a happy note to a saga that stretches back to his bust in the 1990s.
Foster was in the unfortunate position of being a public example of the mindless cruelties of the war on marijuana. The 36-year-old father of two, a computer programmer, had his life changed forever when Tulsa, Okla., officers showed up at his door with a “John Doe” warrant to search for methamphetamines. No meth was found — even after officers tore apart his 5-year-old daughter’s teddy bear.
But behind a locked steel door in his basement, the cops found a 25-square-foot marijuana garden. Foster said he grew the plants to treat the chronic pain of acute rheumatoid arthritis.
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