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Under normal circumstances, marijuana is a weed of pacifists and does not, in any way, lead to the shrieking threat of violence. However, in the lunatic clutches of two brothers with more red-eyed testosterone than anything resembling common sense, we suppose then, and only then, is this magnificent flower capable of being hazardous to someone’s health.
Just ask 33-year-old Florida resident Jackie Brown, who was savagely beaten over the weekend with several cannabis plants after he and his younger brother, 31-year-old Rodney Brown, allegedly got into a knuckle-headed argument over what appears to be the family business – an illegal marijuana grow operation.

What’s not to love about a product that both increases the intensity of an orgasm and gets you stoned at the same time?
Enter entrepreneur Mathew Gerson, who recently launched a marijuana-infused sexual lubricant for women called Foria, which is essentially an intoxicating concoction of cannabis and coconut oil that will not only grease up a couple’s organ grinding rituals but also allegedly heighten their overall sexual experience, especially for the woman.

Mark Ramsay from Flickr. Image altered by Toke of the Town.

South Salem High School in Oregon recently forced one of its seniors to admit to being under the influence of marijuana, but even though he was not, and has since provided school officials with a negative drug test to prove it, the school still refuses to grant him permission to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Anupam Kamal/Flickr.

Washington state medical marijuana grower Justin Loken, who after being ambushed and robbed inside his home last summer by a gang of social pariahs, whipped out a pistol and put a bullet in a couple of his assailents.
But apparently in Washington, defending your legal marijuana grow operation against hookers, pimps and robbers with a firearm will earn you a substantial federal prison sentence.

A screen capture of a billboard from KHOU.

It appears as though a Mexican drug cartel has incorporated outdoor advertising in its arsenal of intimidation tactics in an attempt to further infiltrate the black market drug trade in the United States. Earlier last week, as motorists in El Paso, Texas began their morning commute, many got to see a series of billboards which had gone up up overnight displaying threatening messages accented with a couple of well-dressed mannequins swinging from a noose.

Stoners Against Prop 19
Dragonfly De La Luz: The smugly self-satisfied new face of cannabis prohibition in California.

‚ÄčIt didn’t take long after the defeat of Proposition 19, which would have taxed and regulated marijuana in California, for the cannabis community to realize that legalization’s ignominious defeat was fueled by the duplicity — some would say outright treachery — of certain greedy, reactionary elements within the community itself. Boycotts against anti-Prop 19 businesses are now being organized.

So-called “Stoners Against Prop 19” — traitors to the movement such as Dennis Peron, Dragonfly De La Luz and J. Craig Canada — whether through stunning ignorance or outright malice, spread disinformation about exactly what the measure would have done.
They busily sowed division, distrust, and fear among a community that should have been united in striving to loosen the death grip of 70+ years of cannabis prohibition.
Offered the opportunity to embrace the future, these reactionary elements formed a fifth column within the medical cannabis community.
For who knows what reasons — maybe the miserly interest of preserving big pot profits? — they shamelessly allied themselves with the law enforcement and prison lobbies, with the Religious Right, and with the same intolerant fundamentalists behind the No On 19 campaign — the very same people, in the case of one statewide organization, that headed up the Proposition 8 anti-gay marriage initiative two years ago.
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