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The Petrelis Files

By Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town
Northern California Correspondent
An estimated crowd of 50-60 loyal medical marijuana supporters made their presence known at the Federal Building on Golden Gate Avenue this morning in San Francisco to show their solidarity for the dispensary, Market Street Coop that is being forced to close at 7pm today.
Market Street Coop is the last of the dispensaries in the San Francisco/Marin County area that was served by the Justice Department with the so-called infamous, ‘Five Letters.’
Toke of the Town was able to “obtain” one of those letters.
The Five Letters refer to the documents sent out by U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California, Melinda Haag, starting in October of last year to landlords of dispensaries, threatening asset forfeiture. All five dispensaries that received those letters have had to close.
Two of the dispensaries, Divinity Tree and Medithrive. have been able to make the lateral move to a delivery service as many pot shops have had to do in order not to lose everything. The Market Street Coop doesn’t have that kind of wiggle room.

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Steve Elliott ~alapoet~
Grand Daddy Purple. Happy New Year from Toke of the Town!

By Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town
Northern California Correspondent

2011 seems like it came and then it went,
While 99 percent of us looked like we’re going to end up in a tent.
Obama looked the other way while Big Pharma continues to have their say,
Reversing his stance because the lobby-heavy drug companies pay.
Heroes of the movement like Matt, Lynnette and Dr. Fry,
Are shut down, victimized and hung out to dry,
While G.W. Pharmaceuticals and others receive the right to dispense,
And they say it’s not medicine unless it makes some cents.

Sarah Rice/SFGate
Lynnette Shaw ran Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana — the first in the state to be licensed, back in 1997. Now the Feds have shut it down.

By Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town
Northern California Correspondent
It’s really easy these days to be negative about cannabis. The Feds are waving their guns around like old-time Western town bullies. Playing with the tin-horns and the dandy Easterners alike, making them dance to a tune that we thought was long gone.
They sit outside protecting the saloon, leaning  back in their chairs, keeping the weak and poor in the sight of their weapons, not necessarily to shoot them, just scare ’em a little.
In the Golden State, where it must seem that progress burns bright, I mean, how can you complain when you can have your medicine, including edibles and anything else that’s on the menu delivered right to your door? What in the world could those spoiled Californians have to gripe about?
How about the closing of Lynnette Shaw’s Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana dispensary in Fairfax?  As most know by now, Lynnette’s dispensary was the first to be licensed in California back in ’97. The closure of this landmark is incredibly distressing. 

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The Emerald Cup

​​By Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town
Northern California Correspondent
The fabled Emerald Cup is returning to the legendary Mendocino spiritual sanctum, Area 101, this Saturday. As the blurb says, “Proclaimed by Rolling Stone Magazine,’ as the premiere competition in America.'” And they’re not kidding.
The Emerald Cup, “the world’s only outdoor organic cannabis competition,” first lit up on the scene almost a decade ago, with the initial competition bringing in 22 entrees to be judged. Last year, the entries almost reached 150. 
But that’s just pot talk. What’s cool about the Emerald Cup? It is so much more than your average medical cannabis bake-off. 

Rialto Cinemas

​​By Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town
Northern California Correspondent
The Weed Wars are on, and at stake are television ratings. In the next couple of weeks we’ll start to see the bounty of this year’s harvest of cannabis-centric TV hitting the airwaves. 
The ever-present Steve DeAngelo has his reality series starting on the Discovery Channel a la Kiss’s Gene Simmons: depicting a world class guy with the weight of the world on his shoulders yet he has time to take his kid to Little League. Just a regular guy and family man who happens to like to bang the gong at the end of the day. America won’t believe their eyes.
This Friday the National Geographic Channel is joining the Cannafest with the premiere of Marijuana Gold Rush. Depicting the many highs and a few lows of this past year’s emerging dream of bringing cannabis into the mainstream, going from the boardrooms of New York to our own Mendocino County’s Emerald Cup, with the participants not knowing what really is to come.

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Toke of the Town editor Steve Elliott: You’ve come to the right place if you wanna talk about marijuana.

​Two years ago today — actually two years ago tonight, at 7:08 p.m. — fingers trembling with excitement, I hit the “Post” button for the first-ever story on Toke of the Town.

“The good thing about a free marketplace of ideas is,” I wrote, in the first sentence ever to appear on this site, “despite the best efforts of prohibitionists and their fear-mongering propaganda, the truth eventually prevails.”

Thousands of stories, joints, medibles, and bongloads later, I’m still loving this gig, and judging by pageviews, so are more than half a million of you every month.
Toke didn’t just happen. If it hadn’t been for Village Voice Media’s then-social media talent scout, John Boitnott, spotting my personal blog Reality Catcher making the front page of social news-sharing site Digg, I wouldn’t have had the chance, starting early in 2009, to write “Chronic City.” That was a twice-weekly cannabis column for S.F. Weekly‘s online blog, “The Snitch.”
And if it hadn’t been for Boitnoitt and Bill Jensen, then in charge of VVM’s web presence worldwide, that well-received column would not have opened the door for Toke of the Town about six months later.

Moms For Marijuana

​​By Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town
Northern California Correspondent

I am Thankful for the activists and the good people I’ve met this year at rallies and protests who’ve come out and made a difference.
I am Thankful for the lawyers and the leaders who take on unchecked, abusive power-dogs who threaten the movement and counteract with lawsuits and intelligence, never giving up the fight on our behalf.
I am Thankful for Lynnette Shaw and Marin Alliance for being the first legal dispensary to open in the country, and Thankful that when she was told to close, she’s said “No!”
I am Thankful for all the patients that the Divinity Tree in San Francisco reached and ministered to. I am Thankful that Charlie and the gang had at least five years to present an ideal dispensary model to the City and they did. I’m Thankful for the education and medicine that I received there.


​​By Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town
Northern California Correspo

The Fifth Annual Medical Cannabis Competition, ‘The Patients’ Choice,’ was the place to be Saturday night for local activists, growers and what could be called the backbone of San Francisco’s medical marijuana community.
A benefit for the ever-vigilant patients’ rights group, Americans for Safe Access, the affair started around two in the afternoon and went until the smoke cleared at 9 p.m. 
While many local dispensaries and other cannabis friendly businesses help sponsored the event, everyone knows the joyous Kevin Reed, proprietor of the Green Cross dispensary, is the major force behind the night’s event.


​​By Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town
Northern California Correspondent
On October 27, 2011, the ever-vigilant group Americans for Safe Access, the nation’s largest organization of patients, medical professionals, scientists, lawyers and concerned citizens with the mission statement of promoting safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic and research, filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging t
he Obama Administration’s recent crackdown on medical marijuana.
On the macro-level, this is what Americans for Safe Access (ASA) does. It protects the medical marijuana community, besides for being a true a medical cannabis grassroots organization. I would also describe it as a patient-driven think tank that has been influencing and shaping medical marijuana policies while at the same time educating a skeptical public of the medicinal properties of the plant. 

Missoula Independent

By Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town
Northern California Correspondent
Many activists are trying to make sense concerning the government’s latest crackdown on medical marijuana. Every other day a 420-friendly bank that does commerce with anyone in the cannabis industry is told to expect heavy audits and loss of deeds unless they join the economic stranglehold on this business the Feds do not approve of. Dispensaries that have operated flawlessly and with the support of the community are being closed by bogus, yet written-in-the-books, zoning laws.
People are losing money trying to stay afloat and to see if it is possible to weather the Fed
s’ stormtrooper tactics. Many are pulling up roots and moving on because the Feds seem to have endless cash when it comes to harassment and bullying tactics.
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